Romantic description of when he met her

Ana Belén y Víctor Manuel

If Ana Belen and Victor Manuelle have one thing in common, it is that they have managed to maintain a successful music career without any impact on their emotional level. The two have been together for 51 years, during which they had two children and during which they shared life and stage.

However, not everything has been a sweet moment. The singer confessed in Lo de évole and recounted some of the most complicated episodes of her life. “I remember when I released the album Como una novia in 1991, I didn’t have a good time, it was a bad time, in which we had financial problems because of the production company founded by Victor. It was a terrible time, it Did a really bad thing,” the singer explained.

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“We made the Pantoja film, I am one of them, yes, but a producer does not live by the success of one film, he makes more films… We lost everything we had achieved with debts. Many.” Said about that period of economic crisis.

However, disappointments arose that their strong relationship could not withstand. Another topic of the interview on which the singer expanded.

Romantic details

The heroine of Lo de Evole this Sunday was the singer and actress Ana Belen, who told Jordi Evole about her past and how her career developed, as well as criticizing current politics, especially that of the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz’s. Ayuso.

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Ana Belen tells how she met Victor Manuel, With whom she has been together for 51 years and who won her over by kissing her hand, However it was not easy, as she had to fight him, because “he was looking for someone else.”

Together they have gone through good and bad times personally and professionally, although in the latter area, Ana Belen recalls a time when she was “not happy at all.”

,It was hard as a couple because we couldn’t hold anything against each other. I didn’t know how we would get out. It was a very sad time, I was not at all happy in the production company during that time,” he concludes.

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Iwole also asked him other questions about the couple, such as whether they had an open relationship. “Too open… I know a lot of people think so,” The actress said with sarcasm.


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