Ronan Suark reveals the immigrant heart in Somos Unidos

Ronan Suark reveals the immigrant heart in Somos Unidos

In the melting pot of cultures in New York, a voice emerges that transcends borders, an echo of the Argentine diaspora that becomes universal. Ron Suark Renowned for its intelligence and emotional depth, “We Are United” presents a one-man show that touches the intimate fibers of the immigrant experience beyond entertainment.

This work, which premieres on January 29, 2024, is not only a testament to the pursuit of the American dream, but also a tribute to the countless untold stories of those who left everything behind in the hope of building a better future Is.

“We Are United,” in short, is an odyssey full of humor, but also full of the realities immigrants face when arriving in a new country.

The plot revolves around an Argentine who, driven by grandiose dreams and a desire for a better life, finds himself navigating the vast and sometimes gloomy landscape of the United States. During their journey, the audience is taken into a whirlwind of emotions, from laughter generated by the strange anecdotes of the adaptation to moments of deep reflection on what it means to leave home behind.

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This presentation brilliantly highlights Suark’s storytelling abilities. Not only does it manage to capture the essence of the immigrant challenge, but it also provides a richly nuanced perspective, showing both the lights and shadows of this journey. It is this duality that makes “We Are United” an essential work, a mirror where not only immigrants are reflected, but anyone who has faced the challenge of adapting to a new environment.

Kevin Cass’s direction brings a unique vision to the play, enriching the narrative with an approach that perfectly balances drama and comedy. The writing by Fran Ruiz Bartlett and Diego Castro is sharp and insightful, offering dialogue that resonates with authenticity and emotion. The overall production led by Club Media ensures that the creative vision is realized with the highest quality, ensuring that “Eres Unidos” is a memorable experience for viewers.

Beyond its artistic value, “Somos Unidos” serves as a cultural bridge, inviting viewers to a deeper understanding of the immigrant experience. Ronan Suark, with his charisma and talent, not only entertains, but educates and raises awareness, making this work a medium of dialogue and empathy. Their performance is not only a display of dramatic skill, but an act of bravery, sharing personal and collective stories that often remain in the shadows.

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At a time where immigration narratives are filled with controversy and misunderstanding, “We Are United” emerges as a symbol of humanity. The play challenges audiences to look beyond the statistics and headlines, offering an intimate view of the struggles, dreams and small victories of those seeking a new beginning.

“We are gathered” This is not just a show to enjoy, but an experience to live. Through the lens of Ronan Suark, we are offered a unique opportunity to understand the complexity of immigrant life, to laugh, to cry, and above all, to connect with the human stories that unite us. This work is a powerful reminder that, despite our diverse backgrounds, we share aspirations, fears, and the search for a place we can call home.

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Ultimately, “We Are United” is a celebration of human resilience, a testament to the ability to adapt to and overcome adversity. Ronen Suark and his creative team have managed to create a work that not only entertains, but also enlightens, inspires and unites. In an increasingly divided world, “We Are United” stands as a bridge, reminding us that, in the heart of every immigrant, there is a story that deserves to be told and heard.

Ronan Suark will present his work on tour in the United States, with performances concluding on March 21 at the Producers Club Theater in New York, on March 26 at the Tower Theater in Miami, and on March 28 at Timucua Arts in Orlando. Performances in each city will begin at 8:00 pm. Tickets for the respective dates are available on Eventbrite and TicketPlate.


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