Rookie safety Lewis Caine will finally wear No. 16 for the Vikings

Rookie safety Lewis Caine will finally wear No. 16 for the Vikings

Rookie Safety Lewis Caine Will Finally Wear No. 16 For The Vikings

Rookie safety Lewis Caine will eventually wear No. 16 for the Vikings.

After being selected with 32 picks in the first round of the draft on 28 April, Caine was presented to the media the next day and presented with No. He then said he wanted number 16, his number Georgia, but it was unavailable.

On Tuesday, however, Vikings announced that Cine would wear No. 16. The team did not provide any additional comment.

Cine was not available for comment on Tuesday. He will be available on Friday, the first day of the two-day Rookie Minicamp.

“I wanted to choose 16, but didn’t have the option, so the closest to 16 was a six without one,” Caine said of his initial number selection on 29 April.

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The Vikings announced the jersey numbers for their draft picks on Tuesday for the free agents they signed during the off-season and noted the change in numbers.

Among the free-agent signings, linebacker Zadarius Smith would, as expected, wear the number 55, which he handed over for Green Bay over the past three seasons. The number was worn over the past eight years by linebacker Anthony Barr, who was never re-signed by the Vikings.

Amid the change in numbers, last October Dalvin Cook said he would switch from No. 33 to his old Florida State No. 4, and cornerback Cameron Dentzler posted on social media last month that he’d switch from No. 27 to No. 3. Will do, their old number in the state of Mississippi. Those changes are now official and come a second season in which players can wear single-digit numbers in their place. Had those players changed last year, they would have had to pay a jersey re-stocking fee, but now they would have to pay nothing. Puncher Jordan Berry moves to No. 6, with Dentzler taking No.

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Other notable number changes are running back Alexander Mattison going from No. 25 to No. 2, safety Camry Bynum switching from No. 43 to No. 24, guard Wyatt Davis from No. 51 to No. 52, and defensive end Patrick Jones II. From No. 93 to No. 91. Mattison wore the number 22 in high school and Boise State, but safety Harrison Smith has that number for the Vikings. And Bynum, Davis and Jones all went back to their college numbers in California, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh, respectively.

Among other Vikings draft picks, cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. (23), guard Ed Ingram (67), linebacker Brian Asamoah (33), cornerback Akayleb Evans (21), edge rusher Ezeji Otomewo (90) have been numbered. Back tie Chandler (32), tackle Vaderian Lowe (63), wide receiver Jalen Naylor (83) and tight end Nick Muse (34).

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Other notable free-agent signers were Harrison Phillips (97), linebacker Jordan Hicks (58), tight end Johnny Mund (86), defending guard Jesse Davis (73), Chris Reed (62) and Austin Huh. Schlotman (65) and Chandan Sulliban (39) and Nate Hairston (27) cornerbacked.


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