Rosalia: Flamenco Destroying Sonic Revolution turns 30

Salvador León/Javier Herrero.

Rosalia’s career, which turns 30 this Sunday, continues to break canon with “Malamente” and revolutionize flamenco conventions and give them a pop element.

Perhaps his penchant for flamenco was his most surprising feature, when still far from “El Madrileo” c. After collaborating with Tangana on songs such as “Before I Die”, he released “Los Angeles” in 2017, his debut album, The Hand of a Ral Refri that came from working with Sylvia Pérez Cruz or Kiko Veneno.

Many then attributed the achievements of that disc to twelve quiet songs, vocals and guitar around the theme of death to the producer. “She was the one who was clear about what album she wanted to make and who investigated looking for these cantons”, she improvised from her record company at the time, which would release her into theaters after it became word of mouth. Filled up hours.

“You Sing Like an Old Lady”, Pepe Habichuela would blurt out, while the album led to the belief that a new disciple was riding on Quizio, though there was also a significant section within the world that didn’t stop her from seeing an intruder. was. didn’t really sang like a singer

Two years later a song broke into the Spanish music scene, without understanding the twist of the script being produced by Catalan: “Malamente” blew away any assumptions about the artist. Memories of flamenco, the influence of commercial pop, infiltration into the booming world of trap, and a poignant video clip ignited him in musical history.

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