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Royal macrophalsomy: size matters in the life of Fernando VII

coward, vague, Impolite, unpleasant, unbearable, fallen, unpleasant… Ferdinand VII was defined by his subjects, with a variety of unflattering adjectives, which made him the worst king Spain had ever had.

With such qualities, many are surprised that Fernando VII had four wives who had the misfortune to live with him, because He Wasn’t “Prince Charming” At All,

But the urgency of giving the House of Bourbon an heir forced him to marry two nieces, a German princess and a first cousin, for political reasons, none of whom loved him and all of them felt genuine hatred, For whom there were many nicknames “The Danger”. ,

the funny thing is that He had children from his previous marriage who managed to survive for more than a few hours and it is believed that this was due to the huge size of his penis.,

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain
Ferdinand VII suffered from colitis reproductionA disorder that prevented her from having normal sex, and other characters in history suffered from it, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, the Russian monk Rasputin or King Carol II of Romania.

according to famous French historian Prosper MerimeeThe king had a member “as thin as a stick of sealing wax at its base, thick as a fist on his limb, Also, as long as a billiard cue”.

afflicted by the king colitis reproductionA disorder that prevented her from having normal sex, and other characters in history also suffered, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, the Russian monk Grigory Rasputin, who had a detrimental effect on the last king of Russia, or King Carol II of Romania. ,

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“A learned professor and eminent urologist, whose claims deserve full credit, told me that King Ferdinand VII was a virgin member of greater dimensions than usualto which he attributed the fact that he had no heir in his first three wives”, he wrote. Luis Comenge y Ferrer, doctor and historian of Spanish Medicine.

so that he can have normal intercourse and prevent his wives from suffering internal dyspareunia (genital pain that occurs during or after intercourse), ,Don Fernando during his intimate relationship used pads three or four centimeters thick and punched in the center to reduce the blemish”,

First wife: He complained that Fernando VII was not “physically male”

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain

Fernando VII married his first wife and niece in 1802, Neapolitan Princess Maria Antonia de Bourbon (1786–1806).

The bride was a beautiful young woman and the Duchess of Abrantes wrote in her memoirs that she was “…with a majestic air and a little serious, but as soon as her gaze was coordinated with her smile, her whole face lit up sweetly.” with clarity.

But the relationship between Fernando and Maria Antonia was very unhappy. ,I get out of the car and look at the prince: I thought I had fainted; In the picture he looked ugly rather than handsome; Well, compared to the original, it’s an Adonis (…)”, said the girl upon meeting her fiancé.

From Maria Antonia’s correspondence with her mother, it is known that the prince did not touch his wife’s hair until after the year of marriage.And historians believe this was due to his inability to have sex normally.

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain
His nocturnal adventures with his closest friends nicknamed “The Desire” were famous. According to the Marquis of Vila-Urutia, Fernando VII “He did not like to spend time with the ladies of his court”, because he preferred prostitutes.

Ferdinand VII’s mother-in-law, Queen Maria Carolina of Naples, wrote shortly thereafter: “My daughter is desperate. Her husband is a complete idiot, not even a physical husband, and moreover a rowdy who does nothing and doesn’t leave his room.

A few days later he wrote that Fernando VII “is a fool, who neither hunts nor fishes; he does not move from the room of his unhappy wife, he cares nothing, he is not even her husband in animal form.” . Later I will say that Ferdinand VII “Not too much” there was one “Body Man”

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The mother-in-law kept a record of her daughter’s intimate life and confessed in another letter a year after the wedding: “The husband is not yet a husband and does not seem to have the desire or ability, which worries me greatly.”

The martyrdom of Maria Antonia lasted until 1806, when she died of tuberculosis without a child. apparently he died a virgin,

Second wife: Doctors considered her dead

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain

a decade later, Ferdinand VII marries Portuguese Princess Isabel of Braganza (1797–1818), who was also her niece and who soon realized how little her husband was interested in her.

Till then the king, whom his companions called by the surname “desired”, loved prostitutes and was famous for his nocturnal adventures with his close friends of the king. According to the Marquis of Vila-Urutia, Fernando VII “He did not like to spend time with the ladies of his court”, because he preferred prostitutes.

,He used to go out in disguise at night in the company of the Duke of Alagon , To engage in some games outside the palace which Muslims practice within the harem…”Marquis wrote.

Queen Elizabeth became pregnant twice, but possibly internal injuries sustained by the king during intercourse complicated her health and she died at the age of 21.

During the last delivery, doctors left her dead and decided to perform a caesarean section to remove the stillborn baby. but IIn the midst of the carnage, the queen woke up and said a terrible cry of pain. and died of terror,

Third wife: educated by nuns, did not know what sex is

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain

King married for the third time Princess Maria Josefa of Saxony (1803–1829), One “Onemotto saddened by a willow, According to one historian, strictly educated in a convent, she had no idea what sex was like when she arrived in Spain at the age of 17.

princess, charming lady with lovely expression and deep blue eyesThe king already famous for her chaotic personal life didn’t seem like the ideal wife, but it is assured that they loved each other dearly and were very affectionate with each other.

Ferdinand VII again had a problem when it came to fertility, as Prosper Merimee explained in one of his landmark papers, “He ignored even the most elementary things in this world, and even eight years old.” Girls also know in Spain”.

In the words of the historian Francisco González-Doria, “no one had bothered to give background to Doa María Josefa under certain circumstances, so The poor thing had no idea even remotely that children would not come into the world because of the selfless services of a kind of stork.,

According to the same author, the practicethey caused him such horrors When she was about to be able to experience them on the wedding night, that the gullible sovereign, surrounded by true panic … could not help but pee on the bed”.

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain
One historian said, to maintain normal intercourse and to prevent suffering to his wives, “Fernando used pads three or four centimeters thick and perforated in the center during their intimate relationships, thereby reducing the defect.”

“And that is why the servants of the palate watched with astonishment that Her Majesty, shortly after entering the royal bedroom, came out hurriedly, in underclothes, spewing pests and swarms of demons. ,” wrote Historian Juan Balanso.

When Fernando VII insisted on fulfilling his matrimonial duty, Maria Josefa made excuses: “Why don’t we worship the rosary, Fernandito?” “What the king wants from me is a mortal sin,” he explained.

the scam was so big that unless PPope Pius VII had to intervene, Through a letter addressed to Maria Josefa, he tried to convince her that sexual relations between husband and wife were not contrary to Christian morality and reminded her that it was her obligation to sleep with the king.

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According to author José Antonio Vidal-Sales, the queen “always trembled with anguish and fear” upon entering the king’s room. “And took off his pants ready to have sex”,

To delay the agony, the queen forced the king to pray the rosary before having sex: “In ten years of marriage like this, Fernando VII would have prayed more than he could in his entire damned life. ..”, wrote Vidal-Sales.

Last wife: Rape on wedding night, was the only child

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain

Four months after Maria Josefa died of a “severe fever”, it was announced that Fernando VII would marry another of his nieces, the young Maria Cristina de Bourbon, who would be highly recommended. Pedro Castello y Jinsta, the royal physician, is concerned about the emperor’s “excellent sexuality”,

Fernando wrote to a friend, “Castello says my pulse is as fast as ever and it is important for me to get married as soon as possible.” At that time the age of the king was 45 years and that of his niece was 23 years.

Historian Enrique Junceda Avello show that at that time “Ferdinand VII maintained a marked sexual appetite” And that before his marriage he loved only the pleasures of the flesh, and that he practiced in houses of bad reputation, where he was known even among his clients”.

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The same author states that the wedding night was “unfortunate” because of “Ferdinand VII’s impatience to satisfy his sensual hunger”.

,Instead of being a night of love, the wedding night became a night of violence and intimate aggression. So the marriage started with rape and there it was decided once again and as always in these cases the future destiny of the newlyweds is,” he said.

Maria Cristina will never forget her husband’s “clumsy behavior of indolence and unhappiness”, she added junceda avalo, And only a few months after being widowed in 1833, already freed from the demon Fernando, the young queen married, this time for love, with a handsome royal guard.

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