Rudeness, a failure of protocol and a pinch of tenderness mark Noboa’s ownership


Guillermo Lasso arrived late for the change of order, and no one received him when he arrived in the Assembly. The youngest son of the president, Alvarito, entered the Legislative Palace without shoes and earned the gasps of the audience.

The ceremony of owned by Daniel Noboa That was fast. With short speeches and short greetings, it lasted more than an hour. But at that time, rudeness and breaches of protocol set the tone.

From the early hours, guests started arriving at the Legislative Palace in their best attire. Noboa’s family and friends, his Cabinet, elected members of the assembly and many guests walked the red carpet at plenary hall, where the ceremony will take place. It is scheduled for 11:00.

Daniel Noboa met with the president of CAF

Noboa arrived on time. True to its tradition of birth punctualAccording to his former colleague Wilma Andrade (ID), he arrived five minutes before the specified time. Accompanied by his wife, Lavinia Valbonesi, and in the hand of his children, Luisa (daughter from the first marriage) and Alvarito, the future president walked the red carpet.

The family has a combination of clothes. Valbonesi was wearing a coat PURPLEthe same tone she used throughout her husband’s campaign, and the two children were also dressed in the same color, and had purple shoes.

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But it is Alvarito which drew looks and sighs from the audience. The boy, one year and 10 months, lost his shoes and arrived in the hall of the Legislative Palace in socks. On the way, he staggered, looking for something to hold on to so that he could be with his parents, until one time he was able to. holds the staff of a member of the Legislative Escort.

The new president of the Assembly, Henry Kronfle (PSC), a new ally of the ruling party, was the one who received him, and together they entered the plenary session… to wait for the outgoing president, Guillermo Lasso.

The late guests

Guillermo Lasso wants to make the most of every last minute of power. On the eve of the change of government, he decided to hold his last event at Carondelet Palace, and it was extended. He left the Historic Center of Quito 20 minutes before 11:00 and did not arrive on time.

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Making the most of his last minutes in the office, Lasso did Trials in the Assembly. He confirmed that he would attend the session, although he was not required to. So waiting after Noboa’s arrival is a waste of time, because without him there is no way to start.

At the Legislative Palace, everything is ready for Noboa’s inauguration. reached to Alfredo Borrerothe outgoing vice president who is often said to be close to the Christian Socialists, who greeted Kronfle with a wide and warm embrace.

Lasso arrived at 11:15. By the hand of his wife, María de Lourdes Alcívar, and with his children and family, he must enter alone. Kronfle did not come out to receive him, as dictated by protocol, but instead let the outgoing president approach his position, that of Plenary chairman.

But he was not the last to arrive. she President of Colombia, Gustavo Petrothe only president who attended the ceremony, arrived even later: 43 minutes late, interrupting the speech of Kronfle, who stopped for a few seconds to greet him.

Ownership of Novoa

The most ceremonial part of the event passed quickly. Kronfle swears in Noboa, after which Lasso takes his presidential sash, gives it to one of his team, and Kronfle puts the new sash on Noboa.

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After that, Lasso went down the stairs and, with his family, started to leave the Plenary Hall. Although it was not time for him to retire, the Legislative Escort announced his departure and the music began to play.

the Correista assemblyman Mónica Palacios He did not miss the opportunity to shout, as he used to do in plenary sessions. Despite the formality of the ceremony, the lawmaker stood up to raise his voice to “Out, Lasso, Out!”

But a few minutes later, sitting calmly, he applauded the words of Noboa’s inauguration speech, in which his party, Revolución Ciudadana, agreed to the Legislature.

After a few short words from Noboa as president, the ceremony ended. In order not to repeat the mild incidents of the children, they no longer walked the red exit carpet. Novoa and Valbonesi, this time, they walk alone to the car that took them to Carondelet, the space they would occupy for the next 18 months.