Rumors grow that Erica Buenfil is dating a famous actor 27 years her junior

Rumors grow that Erica Buenfil is dating a famous actor 27 years her junior

  • Erika Buenfil and Emmanuel Palomares starred in a romantic photo session; He didn’t give a reference.
  • Erika Buenfil and Emmanuel Palomares share credits in the telenovela ‘Forgive Our Sins’.
  • Till now, the actors have not commented on these rumours.

After several years of absence from television, the career of Erica Buenfil He re-emerged thanks to TikTok, as his creativity and talent went unnoticed on stage and for this he returned to stages and soap operas.

The actress is now recording for the telenovela ‘Forgive Our Sins’, which premiered its first episode on January 30. Jorge Salinas, Erika Buenfil, Oka Graner, Emmanuel Palomares and Sabine Moussier,

However, the 59-year-old actress has raised suspicions of a possible romance with one of the actors in the production, with whom she says they are more than friends.

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is about Emmanuel PalomaresThe 32-year-old Venezuelan actor, with whom the actress has shared a few TikToks and a photo session as well.

Erica Buenfil, the queen of TikTok, is said to have, for a long time, been in a relationship with actor Emmanuel Palomares, with whom she also shares credits in the new soap opera ‘Forgive Our Sins’. They have come close in recent months to such an extent that rumors of a possible romance between them have already surfaced.”, commented the influencer Chamonix on his Instagram.

How much does Erika Buenfil consume Emmanuel Palomares?

The ‘True Loves’ actress and star was born in 1962, making her 59, while Palomares was born in 1990 and is 32. This is the reason why it takes them 27 years.

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It should be recalled that Erica Buenfil had previously assured in an interview that she was not interested in having a relationship with a man older than her.

“Very rude, although I am rude at least for my age, oh no, for me … I’m not here to take care of my knees and back,” he said.

Internet users react to age difference

Various internet users have reacted to the age difference, many are shocked by the age difference, however, many have shown their support for the alleged relationship, ensuring that the men are not criticized.

“If so, rejoice. Alexis Ayala is 28 years older than her partner and they’re even getting married. And when he’s old no one says anything. What a bad plan”, “Ah, but Marc Anthony and Tommy Mottola are not criticized because they are men, let them enjoy they are of legal age if they want to!” Some users wrote defending Erika Buenfil.

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Significantly, till now no actor has spoken before this alleged secret romance.


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