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Running in Winter: Layers, Waterproofing, and Products to Consider

Running lovers know very well that this sport, more than a physical activity, is like a drug, which is difficult to quit and monopolizes all your free time. Running is so addictive that even on the coldest or rainiest days you can still see runners on the street.

Running in winter is not as easy as it seems. Low temperatures and bad weather are obstacles that must be taken into account not only for your health, but also for your safety.

The most important thing when running in winter Solitude, Your body will generate heat and sweat, so the clothes and shoes you wear should be breathable, but also thermal.

impermeability This is also an element to take into account when running, especially on those rainy or snowy days, especially if you live in colder regions where rain can hit at any time.

In the field of slippers, the best advice we can give you is that in winter you should get some slippers shoes with good traction, We’re not talking about trail running shoes, but you definitely should have shoes with a strong grip, especially if you’re an asphalt runner and you run through the streets of a city whose pavement is quite slippery.

And since in winter it rises later and gets dark earlier clothing visibility it’s important. There is also the option of wearing position lights, both clothing with fluorescent colors or with reflective elements that warn other people or cars that you are present.

what to wear for running if it’s cold

Winter clothing is very diverse and you don’t always need it. the key word here layers, Dress in layers that are breathable and allow you to take off or on depending on how cold you are.

Imagine you are running but your stride or gait is slow, in those moments the heat you generate and the sweat trapped between your body and your clothes can make you feel cold. a good one sweat Clothing is important.

if you are going to walk in the temperature of around 10ºC When you are moving you will feel like you are running at around 20ºC so it is not that important that you get too warm as you will start to feel the heat within a few minutes. Running tights or shorts with a short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirt, or just a long-sleeved shirt is usually sufficient.

in the temperature of around 5ºC You can feel them around 15ºC when running or less. In this case, leggings and a long-sleeved shirt are basic, as well as a light jacket or windbreaker. Also, with these temperatures, it is becoming essential to wear gloves when starting to run.

when we run temperature of 0ºC or less when we should use letter layers, A hat and running gloves are essential. Winter running leggings or tights, along with a base layer such as a breathable short sleeve or tank top, a long sleeve, and a jacket are the layers you should have at a minimum.

With temperatures this low, a sleeveless vest can come in handy as it will keep your extremities cool and your chest warm, especially when the wind bites like a dagger. Don’t forget a pair of goggles to protect the icy wind directly from your eyes and good shoes, as you can find frozen areas.

Chaqueta Day Running Gore Wear

Chaqueta Running Gore Wear

Although Gore Wear is a more recognized brand in cycling, it also has elements for runners. Such is the case with this lightweight windbreaker jacket for practicing your sport in very cold winters.

It features a straight waist and snug fit, with reflective detailing and insulation for the chill. It has nylon as the first layer as well as two pockets. It is available in 4 colors between XS and XXL.

Chaleco Ligero TCA Excel Runner

Tca Excel Runner

Chaleco Ligero TCA Excel Runner

If you like to run in cold weather and want an extra layer of protection, we recommend this vest. TCA Excel Runner, They have zippered pockets, are lightweight, and made from 70% cotton. It also features reflective print.

It is available in sizes between S and XXL for men and XS to XL for women.

Reebok Quarter-Zip Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Reebok Quarter-Zip

reebok quarter-zip

reebok quarter-zip This is a long sleeved t-shirt, which is an essential item of clothing when running in the cold and which you can use in the middle of the season.

Made with recycled and breathable elements to prevent perspiration and body heat. It has sleeveless cuffs to protect from the cold.

Nike Dri-FIT Miller Short-Sleeve Top

Nike Dri-Fit Miller

nike dri-fit miller

This short-sleeve Nike Dri-FIT Miller Top is perfect for runners in all seasons. It will work as a layer in winters and as a t-shirt for hot summers.

The Dri-Fit fabric is highly breathable, allowing neither heat nor sweat to build up on your body the harder you run. For men it is available between S and XXL.

Avidict Emboss Long Running Tights

Malla Running The Avdict Emboss

malla avedict emboss running largas

If you want to run in cold weather and your legs feel cold, especially in the first warm-up kilometer, then these black Evadict Embossed tights are perfect. Designed for cold weather running regardless of distance, resistant to gels, bars or to store your mobile phone and keys and with a pocket at the waist.

They are available at Decathlon for less than 30 euros.

adidas terex gore-tex infinity cap

Adidas Terex Gore-Tex Infinity

adidas terex gore-tex infinity

hat for adults Terex Gore-Tex Infinium The adidas jersey offers protection from the elements such as cold, but especially against rain, whilst keeping your head warm.

Being breathable, it maintains a good temperature without overheating, it is also very light and can be washed without any problems.

nike sphere 360 ​​running gauntlets

Nike Sphere 360

nike sphere 360

nike sphere 360 They are driving gloves that keep hands warm for colder days. They are lightweight and have a silicone grip to hold the mobile or any element.

They’re available at Nike in sizes S and M for women and on Amazon for men.

winter running shoes

Shoes are a very personal running element. We all have a favorite brand, a sole creation or a drop that makes every step we take on different terrains better. But in winter you don’t need to risk it and forget so much about speed or about cutting seconds and improving health.

reinforced boots Gore Tex They are very common in many brands of running shoes because it is a waterproof and durable material. Nike and Adidas are the two big companies most committed to this material, although practically all of them have rain shoes.

If you’re going to run with snow, the important thing is waterproofing and that they have good grip. And there’s nothing like trail running shoes in these conditions.

nike pegasus trail 4 gore-tex

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex

nike pegasus trail 4 gore-tex

The perfect trail running shoe for your sport and for winter running on mixed surfaces, although if you run on asphalt the sole will last less due to wear. Available in multiple colors and with reflective elements for low light.

Women’s model available from 35.6 to 43. Men’s model from 38.5 to 49.5.

adidas supernova gore-tex

Adidas Supernova Gore-Tex

adidas supernova gore-tex

The Supernova is a shoe with a slightly lower sole compound shoe than the Ultraboost, although there are many people who prefer this type of tread more than the Ultraboost, which has a lot more bounce.

This Gore-Tex version ensures comfort, water insulation and good grip even on wet surfaces. It is available between 39 1/3 to 50 2/3 for men and 36 to 44 for women.

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