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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Russia: Nationwide protests against Putin, Navalny’s wife released after detention

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Protests in Russia: Protests against President Vladimir Putin of Russia in his own country are intensifying. The protesters are demanding the release of Alexei Navalny, an opposition leader considered an enemy of Putin. The police is trying its best to stop the people who are protesting against Putin, along with these people are also being beaten. Thousands of people have been arrested and put in jail.

Navalny’s wife Yulia Navalnaya was also taken into custody by the police in Moscow, although she was later released. She also participated in the rally against Putin. Alexi’s wife is among 3500 people who were performing in 100 cities of Russia. When the 44-year-old Yulia was arrested by the police, he posted a selfie on Instagram. In the caption of which he wrote, ‘Apologies for bad photo quality. The lights in the police van are very bad.

Navy was poisoned

According to local media reports, Yulia has now been released by the police. Allies of Putin’s critic Alexine Navalny are also continuously raising their voice against this kind of police behavior. On Saturday, thousands of people descended in at least 70 cities to protest. They are all opposed to the arrest of Navalny, who was poisoned by a nerve agent last year. His life was narrowly saved. He has also made many big allegations against Putin. He has also alleged that Putin is openly looting government treasury on some women.

Police brutalized people

Many pictures of demonstrations have also come out, which can be seen how the police are chasing people. Many people are also seen badly injured. These people are being taken into custody by sitting in buses and trucks. Some workers have also beaten the police with sticks. The US and the European Union have also criticized such brutality of the police. The US has asked Russian officials to release protesters and journalists. The European Union has said that Navalni should be released and her rights should be respected. People also demonstrated on Sunday morning, shouting slogans that ‘Russia will soon be free’ and ‘Putin is a thief’.

40 thousand people came to perform

According to a Reuters report, at least 40 thousand people had gathered in central Moscow. But the authorities have given only 4 thousand people. The Foreign Ministry has criticized the Reuters report, saying that the number of crowds has been overstated. At the same time, stating that ‘Why don’t you tell the number of people 40 lakh instead of 40 thousand’. People are also performing in the bitter cold. In fact, the police arrested Navelvi on 17 January when he returned to Russia from Germany. Later, there was talk of protests for his release, after which two of his colleagues were also arrested.

Navalni returned to Russia after treatment in Germany

Navelavani had demanded a protest from her supporters. Because he had already got the idea that the Russian police could arrest him. He was cured in August after months of treatment in Germany. He was again arrested at the airport on his return to Russia. The government had termed these rallies illegal but did not immediately say anything about the arrest of Navalny. Protests are also taking place in European countries Lithuania and Estonia in support of Navalni.

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