Russia postpones the release of the film

Russia postpones the release of the film

He believes the tape does not conform to the traditional moral values ​​defended by the Kremlin

Russian cinemas have announced the release of a pirated copy of “Barbie», scheduled for September 9, under pressure from the Ministry of Culture, which considers that the film does not conform to the traditional moral values ​​defended by the Kremlin. The premiere of the film, which celebrated box office successes worldwide, has been postponed to September 14 or 16, the Telegram broadcaster Mash reported this Wednesday. The theaters are hoping to reach an agreement with Culture, whose decision is not shared by some film critics, who insist that “Barbie” encourages heterosexual relationships.

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The ministry replies that Russians shouldn’t watch Hollywood films, but Russian films like Witness, which tells the story of a Western violinist who happens to be present in Ukraine at war crimes events committed by Kiev soldiers. The studios showing the American film (Red Head Sound) stressed that “the digital copy will be of the highest quality.” As reported by The Flow, a popular digital portal on youth culture, Russian actors The film’s main protagonists, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and Will Ferrell, have already dubbed them.

Against all odds, the other movie of the moment, Oppenheimer, the new work by celebrated British director Christopher Nolan, will theoretically hit theaters earlier. Moscow’s Ráduga Kinó cinema has announced Thursday afternoon screenings of the film, starring Irishman Cillian Murphy, which premiered worldwide on July 20. Russian film critics note that the film about Creator of the atomic bomb In reality it is an anti-war film. Since both films are not officially in cinemas in this country – the big studios have turned their backs on Russia because of the Ukraine war – there will be no pictures of Robbie or Murphy on the billboard, but a short film.

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In clubs and cinemas in different regions of Russia, “Barbie” has been shown in recent weeks, although due to the theatrical release, some viewers left the cinema in the middle of the film Poor quality pirate copy, according to the press. Russian MP María Bútina, an alleged spy in exchanges with the US, criticized the Greta Gerwig film and urged that Mattel’s Barbie doll be removed from stores in this country. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has urged Russians to download pirated American films and Netflix series online to achieve their “bankruptcy” over Western sanctions and NATO support for Ukraine’s military.

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