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Russia sacks general in charge of war logistics in war against Ukraine

Russia sacked its logistics manager in the war against Ukraine after seven months of mobilization. The dismissal follows several others whom the Kremlin took in recent months as senior officials at the forefront of the war’s intervention.

Russia replaced its highest-ranking military officer in charge of the war campaign logistics in Ukraine when the neighboring country went seven months into the war without the Kremlin achieving its objectives, which it now partly mobilize and referendum to. wants to get along. ,

General Dmitry Bulgakov was relieved of the post of Deputy Defense Minister of Russia because “he received another assignment,” the Defense Ministry briefly noted.

In his place was appointed Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev, who until now was the head of the Russian Federation’s National Defense Control Center and who, according to Ukraine, was “personally in charge” of the siege of the port city of Mariupol.

For this he was baptized by the Western media as the “Butcher of Mariupol”.

The dismissal follows several others that the Kremlin has put senior officials at the fore of war intervention in Ukraine in recent months, according to British intelligence and analysis centers such as the Institute for the Study of War.

logistics problems

Over the past seven months, the West has highlighted the logistics and supply problems faced by the Russian military in sending munitions and reinforcements to the front.

This difficulty was further aggravated when Ukraine began to receive long-range weapons from the US and Europe, which allowed it to accurately hit communications and transport, command posts and weapons stores, as well as supply and transport routes. ,

The counter-offensive that ended with the withdrawal of Russian troops, particularly in the northeastern region of Kharkov, demonstrated Ukraine’s ability to cut Russia’s logistics lines.

But also attacks on pontoons and bridges in the southern province of Kherson, where, according to Kyiv, all evacuation and supply routes are under Ukrainian fire control.

All this prevented Russia from achieving its objectives of liberating the Donbass, in which it controlled almost the entire pro-Russian region of Lugansk and 55% of Donetsk, and strengthened its position in the south, where it now The land overlooks the corridor it has tilted from the east towards the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea which was annexed in 2014.

Putin’s prescriptions for restarting the war against Ukraine

Faced with increasing criticism of the progress of the military campaign within certain levels of power and the military, expressed by military bloggers and regional leaders such as Ramzan Kadyrov from Chechnya and even state propaganda and deputies, Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen a new climb.

It now wants to achieve its objective through the merger of four sectors that it still does not fully control and the partial mobilization that it decided on Wednesday.

According to independent media outlet Meduza, the result of the referendum is already known. According to two sources close to the Kremlin, “about 90% will vote in favor” of joining Russia in Donetsk and Lugansk, as in Kherson and Zaporizhia.

Once finished, Putin would be allowed to declare that his territory was under attack and therefore defend it by all means at his disposal.

By mobilizing in return, Putin hopes to pacify the “war party” and regain lost initiative on the battlefield.

However, British intelligence considers partial mobilization to be a major challenge.

“Russia will probably be faced with the logistical and administrative challenges of amassing 300,000 reservists. It will likely try to form new formations with many of these forces, but they are unlikely to be effective in war quickly,” he said.

Meduza claims that Russia actually intends to recruit 1.2 million people, as stated in the seventh paragraph of Putin’s classified decree.

recruitment away from the capital

The majority will be recruited in areas and rural areas where there is “no media or opposition and much support” for the military campaign, according to their sources.

That is why according to this medium only 16,000 people will gather in Moscow and about 3,200 people in St. Petersburg.

According to Kyiv, the Russian army is suffering from great morale due to the defeat at the front and at home, thousands of men who are afraid of receiving an official summons to go to Ukraine have left the country as in queues along the borders with Kazakhstan. Seen, at crossing points with Mongolia and Finland, and Georgia.

Many citizens protested again today in several Russian cities against partial mobilization. Security forces have arrested hundreds of people.

“Some women cry because they (their husbands, children or parents) have been mobilized. I have been crying for many days. 212 days of tears and pain. It’s a heart-wrenching pain, a pain that doesn’t stop,” she said in a video posted on Telegram of protests in Ivanovo. Her husband Andrei fights in Ukraine.

Despite the tensions that have arisen in society, the head of the Kremlin wants to ensure that his decrees are obeyed and that there is no abandonment at the front.

harshest punishment to those who flee

That’s why today they signed a revised law that makes the punishment for mobilizing, plundering and voluntary surrender of soldiers in times of war or armed conflict stricter and punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Jail.

He also signed a law stipulating that foreigners who have served in the Russian military for at least one year can apply for Russian citizenship without presenting a residence permit.

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, Russia also “forces” civilians into the occupied territories.

“Hide by any means from Russian mobilization. Avoid quotes. Try to go to the free zone of Ukraine,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his evening speech.

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