Ryan Reynolds ‘rides the train’ and shares Deadpool 3 spoilers

Ryan Reynolds 'rides the train' and shares Deadpool 3 spoilers

The third film in Deadpool is, at the moment, the only one that will be released by Marvel Studios throughout 2024. As the first entry of Ryan Reynolds in the MCU (Marvel Cinematographic Universe), it is expected that, as happened with the third film of Spider-Man. , the closing of the trilogy was a good event.

In addition to this, and now that the strike of actors and screenwriters in Hollywood has ended, the film has returned to its production stage. As a film that chose to shoot in outdoor locations, many images and scenes from the movie have been leaked, which will spoil more than one surprise.

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It is especially disappointing for the producers of the film, who assure that there will be many more surprises, but it is possible that many will continue to leak due to the lack of security that exists in the off-set spaces.

From here, the actor shared a letter for fans who are anxiously awaiting the film, making sure that he is also excited about the conversation that has been created but asking that they try to share as little as possible to continue the excitement. who doesn’t like spoilers.

Ryan Reynolds shared his own spoilers

As a way to combat spoilers, Ryan Reynolds understands that “if you can’t beat the enemy, you have to join them.” So, instead of attacking his audience, the actor decided to share modified images from the set of his film, which show characters like Mickey Mouse and Predator from their own franchises.

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This strategy aims to reduce the conversation around spoilers while respecting the nature of the satirical style of the film, resulting in entertaining images about people’s expectations.