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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sachin Waje went to Thane by train to escape CCTV, jumped the police headquarters wall

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Antilia bomb scandal and Mansukh Hiren’s death case Every day new revelations are taking place in India. According to media reports, the NIA team reached the CSMT station late Monday night carrying Sachin Waje and recaptured the March 4 scene.

The NIA team red-taped platform numbers 4 and 5 to reinforce the evidence with CCTV footage and led Waje. During this time, the forensic team from Pune was also present there. Forensic team carried out the movement of Waje Recorded also. After analyzing this, the team will submit its report to the NIA in a day or two.

NIA team with Sachin Waje at CST station (Photo: ANI)

It is being told that at the time of Mansukh’s murder, Mumbai Police officer (now suspended) Sachin Waje also went to Thane. Waje knew that if he went by car, he would be imprisoned in some CCTV, so that his lies could be revealed to everyone. So he got out of the commissioner’s office on foot and went to CSMT station, from here he caught a train to Thane. According to Republic TV, Sachin Waje had also jumped from the wall of Mumbai Police Headquarters to avoid CCTV cameras. This has been revealed by the footage.

NIA sources said that On March 30, he received information that Waje had gone to Thane from CSMT station after catching a local train. After this, the NIA started going to the CST station to find out the CCTV footage, after which many evidence related to this case was handed to them.

According to sources, Sachin had appeared at CSMT station at 7 pm on 4 March. He then reached the station at about 8.10 am to take a train to Thane. He then made a phone call using a SIM card purchased from Bookie Naresh. Booky Naresh is currently in NIA custody.

An NIA official said that he suspected that Waje again called Mansukh outside by calling him Tawde at 8.31 pm. The team is investigating that who was with whom Vaja was on Ghodbunder Road, where Mansukh was called? After killing Mansukh, did Waje ask for a body whereabouts? Did Waje surrender alive Mansukh to the killers?

According to the ABP report, NIA has also come to know during its investigation that After Mansukh was killed Waje then came to Thane station and caught the train and reached Byculla station at around 10:30 pm, but from Byculla railway station he reached near Tipsi Bar at around 11:45 pm. After landing at Byculla station, Waje had a meeting with a big and well-known person and after the meeting was over, Waje reached Reds at the Tipsy bar.

Meena George used to handle all the money of Sachin Waje

According to NIA sources, Meena George used to handle all the money of Sachin Waje. Meena George had rented a flat in Mira Road area adjoining Mumbai. The woman named Meena George not only kept track of Sachin Waje’s money, but also had a joint venture account and locker of Sachin Waje and Meena George in DCB Bank in the Versova area of ​​Mumbai. After the arrest of Sachin Waje, all the money was withdrawn from the locker of this account, leaving just Rs 4000.

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh resigns

Significantly, on Monday, Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh resigned after allegations by former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh in this case. Parambir Singh had alleged that Anil Deshmukh had targeted Sachin Waje to recover 100 million rupees. Apart from this, Parambir Singh had also made many other allegations against Deshmukh.

What is antilia case

Let me tell you that the suspended police officer Waje himself had placed a threatening letter on February 25 in an explosive-laden Scorpio parked near Antilia, the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani. NIA Revealed That Vaje had previously forgotten to place the threatening letter inside Scorpio and later returned to keep it.

According to reports, During the investigation, NIA officials found that Waje had himself cordoned off the entire exercise, from parking the bomb-laden vehicle near Antilia to placing the threatening letter inside the car. NIA officials obtained CCTV footage from Mulund Toll Collection Point to arrive at the conclusion.

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