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Saddest movies of 2022: Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pinocchio’ not number one

We had all kinds of stories this year. Some made us emotional, others made our blood run cold, but some made us so sad and emotional that we sent them to the canvas. Yes, ‘Pinocchio’ by Guillermo del Toro is one, but not the most intense.

What is the correct meaning of watching a movie? fun? An excuse to sleep hugging someone? refuge from reality? They are all true at the same time, each viewer has their own truth and they process the stories according to their own experiences. Despite this, it is possible to connect with the feelings of others and agree with our feelings. That’s how Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (The Shape of Water) became one of the saddest stories of the year, But did you know that there is one devastating movie that will make you delve into your darkest memories?

Before we present our pick of the saddest and most emotional movies released in 2022, We recommend that you find yourself in a comfortable place, wear loose clothing and… a few handkerchiefs, if necessary Better be prepared at this time of year when our minds are juggling many things at onceAnd many more if you are a passionate film buff (our top will start with films worthy of a place here, but the last one is our jewel in the crown).

‘The sky is anywhere’

We’ll begin this scale on a quiet note with Heaven Is Anywhere, a film directed by Josephine Dekker (Madeline’s Madeline) that tells the story of Lenny (Grace Kaufman), a 16-year-old girl who enjoys reading books and playing the clarinet. He lives with his uncle Big (jason segel), his grandmother (cherry jones) and her sister Bailey (Havana Rose Liu),

When his life seemed completely peaceful, everything changes with Bailey’s sudden death, bringing a wave of sadness and depression to the young protagonist, who is convinced that no one in the world can understand his pain. . And when he least expects it, he finds a ray of light in two young men: Joe (Jacques Collimon), the music-loving new kid in town; and Toby (Pico Alexander), her sister’s ex-boyfriend, with whom she may try to face her duel.,

A 24

‘spoiler ALERT’

Of course happiness is everywhere on Christmas, but let’s stop at the delightful concept behind it, Because unpleasant situations happen too and yes, even people with a little tree full of lights and presents have a hard time,

it reminds us spoiler ALERTtape that shows a couple forming Michael (Jim Parsons) and Kit (Ben Aldridge), Joe learns in mid-December that one of them has been diagnosed with terminal cancer., Can you imagine being told out of the blue that the love of your life is about to lose his life?

that is amazing productions

‘A jazz player in the key of the blues’

If you want to throw yourself in bed and watch Netflix with a can of ice cream in your hands without the fear of ending up in a mess, A Jazzist in the Blues can be a great option. The story, directed by Tyler Perry (The Funeral of Medea), follows the story of Jonathan Dupree (Kario Marcel), a district attorney who, in the late 1980s, receives a request from an old woman to investigate a murder that occurred more than forty years ago.,

Although he has no particular interest and is more focused on advancing his career, Dupree gives him a chance He glances at the packet of letters the old woman left him and discovers, overwhelmed, that the information connects to his family history, that of a young African-American jazz singer seeking fame. I leave my rural town., Twisted ends and ties to the family past can get you down for longer than you expect.


‘Hello, Goodbye and Whatever Happened’

Of course there should be a film based on a novel on this top. Thus comes Hello, Goodbye and Whatever Happened, which Jennifer E. Adapts the story by Anonymous Smith and focuses on Claire (Talia Ryder) y addon (Jordan Fisher), two young people who break up after making a pact before going to university find their last night as a couple retracing the steps of their relationship, The epic date takes them to familiar and unexpected places as they wonder: stay together or say goodbye forever? Is it worth letting things flow or better common sense?


‘Between life and death’

Love stories also carry some tragedy, but since we’re focusing on the saddest compilation of the year, we’ll be talking about Between Life and Death, a tape that shows us Tessa’s (Joey King) tough moments. Is. to be after the love of his life, Skyler (Kyle Allen), dies in a tragic car accident, where Tessa survives.

In the style of Ghost: Shadow of Love starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, this film presents a supernatural tale when Tessa, with the help of her best friend, discovers that her great love wants to contact her from the afterlife in order to close her circle of happiness and say goodbye as always.


‘broken hearts’

Buckle yourself tight to your chair, bed or wherever you’re reading this because we’ve entered the top three, tears are already down here. A Case of Wounded Hearts is a film directed by Ben Levine and Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, which introduces us to Cassie Salazar (Sophia Carson) and Luke Morrow (Nicholas Galitzine), Two young people who, despite their differences, find a way to connect and discover a different life,

Cassie is an aspiring singer-songwriter who works nights at a bar, struggling to make ends meet on her meager salary and few tips. For his part, Luke is a soldier with an offer to enter the service. In a casual meeting at the bar where Cassie works, they both reach an agreement to marry, which will allow her to access the health insurance, but a romance ensues between the two, which they fail to realize. Have to uncover the secrets that they both hide.,



we won’t get tired of talking pinocchiothin crust stop speed Co-directed between Guillermo del Toro (The Scarlet Summit) and Mark Gustafson, who came into our lives to teach us a lesson about imperfect parents and imperfect children. Carlo Collodi’s famous story was taken by the Oscar winner and presented from a painfully human perspective.

Mistakes happen, so be sorry, but the flame will never die out for the creatures you love, no matter how sad your heart may be. pinocchio It is an essential film and incidentally it gives us a jolt about some of the concerns of human beings such as: life and death, loneliness and the eternal pursuit of happiness.,


‘after noon’

Drums please (even if you’ve already read the title of the film), thus we come to the saddest, most heartbreaking and emotional film of the year: Aftersunstory with Charlotte Wells makes his debut as a feature film director and with which he enters a deep sea of ​​happy memories and others very painful, Its story, editing and performances by Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio are going to completely blow you away.

A 24

the story goes like this Sophie (Korio), who reflects on the joy and sadness of a holiday she took with her father 20 years earlier to a Turkish resort during the 1990s., Memories, real or not, fill in the blanks as she tries to reconcile the father she knew with the man she never knew.

A story of life that is overshadowed by a burning memory of parental loss and understanding, Perhaps at different times in your life you failed to understand their decisions or motives that led them to take certain actions and, although newcomer Charlotte Wells doesn’t try to justify anything, she does bring a new take on it. offers perspective on what we thought was pain and separation. And hearing the voices of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury got a lot of attention for one of the best scenes of the year.

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