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SAE-owned luxury Airbnb used for sexual exploitation

A great apartment to rent near Parque Lleras, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 and over 20 positive reviews on the Airbnb platform. It has four rooms with six beds each, a jacuzzi, a sauna and panoramic views of the mountains to the east. A real luxury of those who are in the El Poblado neighborhood and rent a few dollars to vacation in exotic Medellin. But this property had a peculiarity: it was in the hands of the Sociedad de Activos Especiales (SAE), a state entity, and it was rented out for days, for sex parties, with workers, and for many in Has become a favorite place. Officials are probing whether minors had drowned.

In the minutes of the building it appears that visitors from the United States, Canada, Panama, Peru, France and Ethiopia have passed through the apartments. According to the Airbnb platform, in the middle of last year the luxurious penthouse cost 2,200,000 pesos per night, including internet service and a washing machine. But at the end of the year, prices for a penthouse in El Poblado were up to $800 per night, about 3 million 800 thousand pesos.

In reviews left by guests on Airbnb, they recommend the site for “men’s travel”, referring to the ease and accessibility of prostitution; They also thank the host for diligently meeting all the requirements. For example, for Brian from Florida, “It was a great experience. The view is phenomenal and the host is always on point with what we need. I would definitely recommend this place for a man’s trip. You will have a lot of fun at the place which complements the Medellin experience. There is a lot to do in this place and the best part is that it is only 5 minutes away from Parque Lleras.

Everything indicates that it will be one of the headquarters of the so-called sex tourism. A Twitter thread recently became famous in which an American advised staying in Medellin; There he talks about prostitution and the ease of procuring sex.

And without a doubt, with renting an apartment, it can be easier to have that “medallo experience” they talk about, rather than going through the filters of a hotel. Visitors’ comments include testimony from a group of travelers from Florida who complained about the unsanitary condition of the apartments; However, he adds that he “brought 8 girls along during his trip to the penthouse, so it couldn’t have been so bad.”

Other users also say: “I’ve been here twice and I want to come back again, I would definitely stay there again.” Reviews like these are the most common, with most thanking their host, Edwin, who is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly in the place.

According to the Single Business Registry (RUES), the place is allegedly subleased and managed by Cuad SAS, a company represented by Juan Sebastian López and Juan Esteban Marín Ochoa. While reviewing the company’s files, it was found that its purpose was to provide accommodation, administration of money and financial markets for visitors. Although she was registered in Bogotá, she moved to Medellin when she started renting apartments on Airbnb.

The delegates registered the property with the National Tourism Registry as a place to serve as tourist accommodation, although the rules of the general assembly of co-owners of the building agreed that “any apartment for tourism or hotel accommodation purposes was prohibited to use,” or any activity that violates good family or moral customs, or dangerous or risky acts that endanger the safety of the building or the peace of its occupants .

It is not clear whether the conditions and requirements requested in the registration and updating of the National Tourism Registry (RNT) were “game” for the apartment to be approved.

The original tenant of the apartment is Scott Murphy, a US citizen, who says he has rented the apartment since 2013 by paying rental fees of more than 27 million pesos to Proobras y Construcciones SAS – the SAE depository firm for the property Is.

In an interview with El Colombiano, Murphy said, “I rented it for me and my family, a place in Medellin.” And during the pandemic in 2020, he says, he rented a room to Sebastián López with a verbal commitment that he would handle paying for public services.

The first complaint started in December 2020, when he received a message from the landlord (Probras). On behalf of the administration, he informed them about the scandals at the gatekeeper of the building due to the visitors in the apartment. In February 2021, Murphy states in a public document, she discovered her apartment was being offered on Airbnb. When asked by López via WhatsApp, he replied that it was “an error”.

However, he confirmed that his apartment was offered on Airbnb as an “entire rental home” from March 2021, the same dates when Juan Sebastian Lopez asked him to rent a room. In theory, Lopez may have betrayed Murphy. And this state-owned apartment was being used as a property of a company that was settling for good reputation and ratings on the Airbnb platform.

On the other hand, Murphy confirmed, through one of his lawyers, that the administration was aware of the business and allowed the entry of Airbnb users, that is, it went against its own rules because foreigners caused problems in the common areas. Born , More than once he had to call the police or talk to them directly because neighbors were tired of the parties.

EL COLOMBIANO contacted representatives of Cued Group SAS, whose lawyers assured that the company “suffers a conspiracy.” And according to them, the original tenant, Scott Murphy, made up this story to claim a share of the profits of over 200 million pesos that he received through Airbnb.

According to the lawyers, American Murphy was aware of the businesses the property was to be used for, as he had already offered it through another platform until the pandemic hit, at which time he sold the property to Juan Sebastian López for $10,000. Had decided to rent the apartment for million pesos. a month, the income which later decreased to 6 million pesos.

The proxy even sent proof of the conversation via WhatsApp and a labor certificate showing Edwin (the host) was a Murphy worker since 2014. Furthermore, he lamented that Murphy had left the country. Everything sounds like money problems and bad deals between employer, employee and sublessor.

In a statement given to the El Poblado Police Inspectorate, López said that for two years he has held the position of tenant through an oral contract with Murphy and that, in turn, he is also a tenant, which is why he rents it. But was giving

With the success of the apartment on Airbnb, Cude’s lawyer – Murphy said – “decided to raise the rental price to 12 million pesos so that he could get a little more.”

These lawyers also confirmed that the guests in the apartments contracted the services of sex workers, “but it is impossible to control the situation, although there was never a presence of minors, as they always had to show legal identification at the entrance.” age and be registered by the Chowkidar.” In fact, there is no trace of the entry of minors in the minutes.

The dispute between Murphy and López went to a Provenza police inspection, where it was ruled that the contract between Murphy and López should be upheld, and the American was denied resumption of possession. Cued’s attorneys state that they are looking to negotiate a new contract with SAE. This time, he said, it would only be used as a home and not for tourism.

As if this were not enough, the firm Probras, which acts as the depository, did not report the money paid to SAE, at least that is what Cudd’s lawyer told this newspaper. The property, he says, was probably registered with the SAE as unoccupied. SAE initiated an inquiry into the payment status of depositories and assets.

The case of this apartment, apart from how complex the destination it was given is, is a good example of the disorder that SAE has in managing the property.

MinCommerce is also pronounced

EL COLOMBIANO contacted the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism regarding the registration of this property in the National Tourism Registry (RNT). Their response was: “For the tourist accommodation provider that operates without prior authorization, the restrictions contemplated in point 2 of article 59 of Law 675 of 2001 shall be applied. In addition, the RNT requirements are verified by ConfeCameras , Chamber of Se Municipality (…) and Commerce of SIC”. He also stated that the ‘Eyes Everywhere’ campaign seeks to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents.

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