Salinas Pliego says this is a 4T campaign to pay off his SAT debt

Salinas Pliego says this is a 4T campaign to pay off his SAT debt

“Banco Azteca in bankruptcy” has become a trend in social networks in recent days. Although there is no basis for this statement, for Ricardo Salinas Pliego there is only one reading: it is a campaign by the 4T government to force him to pay his million dollar debt to SAT.

The rumor spread quickly through many accounts encouraging bank clients to withdraw their money from there, some even from the official digital media, raising the “imminent” financial situation of the institution in bank. In fact, the financial situation of the banking institution does not show much turmoil, although the businessman is facing legal battles over debts in Mexico and the United States.

Due to the strength of the rumors, Salinas Pliego intends to imitate the campaign of star figures from Tv Azteca such as Paty Chapoy and Luis García, who show their support for the bank in their various social networks and asked to ignore the rumours. “Banco Azteca is safe for your money,” they say.

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Salinas Pliego fails to convince creditors of an offer and the legal battle continues in the US

And for the businessman, the origin of these rumors is not accidental and those around him are already targeting against the presidential spokesman Jesús Ramírez and his team as the architect of the campaign, as LPO knows. This is a way to pressure him to fulfill the debt of SAT which amounts to 25 billion pesos.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of this November López Obrador spoke openly against the businessman on a couple of occasions. The first is that he accused him of opening the microphones of his television station so that he could be insulted and criticized for the actions taken by his government after the passage of Hurricane Otis in Acapulco and assured that he was behind that campaign is Salinas Pliego’s anger at the charge that the tax administration continues to make.

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The tax payment case of the companies Tv Azteca and Grupo Elektra is currently in a legal battle. The businessman refused to pay these taxes and sought different legal ways to avoid them, but the case has finally reached the courts and on November 7, the president called on the judges to resolve it immediately.

At the same time, the magnate faced a failure in the United States when his creditors did not accept his proposal to restructure the bonds of Banco Azteca, whose payment he ignored since 2021 under the argument of financial pressure due to the pandemic.

AMLO: “Salinas Pliego opened the microphones so my mother lied to me, she was angry about the SAT”

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Between the legal pressure of the United States and the millionaire debt in Mexico that exceeds the value of his companies, the situation of Salinas Pliego is complicated and the government of 4T intends to take advantage of this scenario to force him to negotiate. One way out is for him to offer to pay off half of his debt before the end of López Obrador’s six-year term.

But the owner of Grupo Salinas has so far been reluctant. He supported the presidential campaign of López Obrador in this six-year term and bet that they will not continue the debt collection that started under the PAN government of Felipe Calderón. But faced with a government that avoided a tax reform – with a tax increase – and chose to collect taxes, the businessman did not achieve the expected tax remission.