Salma Hayek shows off her exotic pets online

Salma Hayek shows off her exotic pets online

Time ago He had already shown himself with an owl But now it has a new tenant with Salma Hayek He is posing in the picture he shared Instagram, We can see him sitting on a chair, with some leaves in his hands, while his “winged friend” is on his head. after being criticized Actress clarified that Animal he stayed with her after Rescued That’s why they chose to adapt a space where it suited them.

What are Salma Hayek’s exotic pets?

Salma Hayek shows off her exotic pets In Instagram And this Discussion started between netizen, It turns out that this week, the Mexican actress published a photo with a new “little friend”, an owl, so we show you some other samples that the filmmaker has also shared with her fans:

  • Owl: Not long ago I showed something similar with an owl, but now this is a recent photo shared by Salma Hayek on Instagram; We can see him sitting on a chair, with some leaves in his hands, while his “winged friend” is on his head. After being criticized, the actress clarified that the animal remained with her after being rescued.
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  • alpaca: In April 2020, you shared that your young child broke his leg and had to spend the night in the hospital. Here we see her allowing herself to be photographed very beautifully

Why is it not a good idea to keep exotic animals as pets?

feeding He space and facilities for their living, as well as the coexistence to which they are accustomed Nature And the animals that live in it are just some of the aspects that make its existence complex. exotic animals As domestic animal, For example:

  • He Owl: Keeping this animal requires flying every day; They generally do not respond affectionately to any caress, they may show some aggression; They eat dead animals, such as rabbits, rats or birds; Furthermore, it is not legal to keep them as pets in all countries.
  • alpaca: They require a huge space, 2 specimens require up to a thousand square meters of grassland; They eat grass and hay; They reach one meter in height; Females are fertile at all times, if they have a mate, the males must be neutered to avoid continued reproduction (therefore, they are not viable as pets and need their natural habitat).
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Other animals that Salma Hayek shares on the network

  • Horse: Salma Hayek’s animals include this horse that Joan Sebastian gave her a few years ago. It is a black specimen and its hairs shine intensely in the sun’s rays.
  • Scapegoat: This little friend, named Charlie, appears in a photo that the Mexican took with another pet dog, a dog named Lola.
  • Tortuga: In another image that she shared with her fans, here we can see the actress with a turtle, a publication to which she added the comment “I like turtles in the jungle.”

As you see, Salma Hayek shows off her exotic pets (although some are not) reflect his great heart towards animals, which he is said to have also 30 copies among dogs, cats, horses, wolves, turtles, rabbits, ducks, alpacas, monkeys, etc.; And while some people love this part of their lives, there are some who question it, what do you think?

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