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Samsung focuses on size, high resolution and gaming when it comes to TVs

At IFA 2022 in Berlin, Samsung is showcasing its full range of TVs, from small smart TVs for gamers to huge TVs with a screen diagonal of 114-inches, i.e. about 2.90 meters. There are giant screen Micro-LED TVs that generate each pixel with a tiny LED. Samsung introduced such displays for the first time with The Wall. This year Samsung wants to introduce self-illuminating displays with diagonals of 101 inches and 89 inches, and in the coming year also 76 inches, that is, with a diagonal of 2.55 meters, which are a little more suitable for living rooms. Samsung is still silent on the prices.

Samsung’s LCD TVs reach even bigger sizes. Korean consumer electronics experts call LC displays with quantum dots in the backlight “QLED”. Among Korean competitor LG, LCD TVs come with quantum dots called color-enhanced QNED. Both refer to organic paneled displays, OLED for short. OLED TVs are also available from Samsung from this year, with LG Display being the only manufacturer of large OLED panels until 2021.

For gamers, Samsung has given its QLED televisions the Game Bar, which is already known from Samsung’s gaming monitors like the Odyssey Arc. In this, settings like HDR contrast, refresh rate (VRR) or latency (ALM) can be changed without leaving the game. The Game Bar also provides a quick overview of audio and video settings at any given time.

Samsung’s Gaming Hub gives you access to online games on the big TV.

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In addition, gamers will in the future be able to operate Samsung TVs with Game Bar in 32:9 mode, the playing field then being a wide bar on larger TVs that can be placed vertically anywhere on the screen. If you push it all the way down, for example, you can display a minimal map for the game in the empty space above it. Samsung’s Gaming Hub, on the other hand, provides access to online games and videos on a TV without a console or PC: Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia and Utomik want to provide games for gamers. In addition, the Gaming Hub provides access to console and PC games.

New gaming features can soon be seen in new QLED TVs and OLED TVs. The cheaper TV models won’t integrate game support, at least for the time being it will be reserved for the middle and upper class.

TVs with organic displays are also recommended for gaming, but of course for video evenings as well. Samsung has so far offered it in two sizes with a diagonal of 55 and 65 inches and each with 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, from now on for 1900 euros (55 inches) and 2500 euros (65 inches). This is already well below Samsung’s suggested retail price.

Samsung’s organic displays are different from LG’s OLED panels: Samsung uses a blue-flashing organic layer, with red and green sub-pixels generated from blue light using color-converting quantum dots. LG, on the other hand, uses a “white” glowing organic layer and builds the color with a color filter on top of it. That’s why Samsung’s technology is often called QD-OLED, while LG’s is called WOLED.

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The fact that Samsung currently only offers these two sizes (55″ and 65″) is due to the production facility for the so-called QD OLED panels. They’re manufactured in a Generation 8 factory, and there’s a lot of trash with large diagonals that would drive up the cost of a 75-inch, for example, unreasonably. Since most TVs sold, at least in Europe, are in the 55- and 65-inch screen diagonal range, it seems Samsung has been able to tolerate that for now. However, in perspective, the larger diagonals are also needed here. Samsung Electronics may also initially buy the panel from LG Display.

Three years ago, Samsung introduced The Sero, a rotating TV for fans of TikTok and Insta videos. However, it is available only on a special swivel base with a diagonal of 48-inches. Samsung is now offering rotation via a thin wall bracket for other TV models and therefore in other sizes as well. The rotating function was originally intended for The Frame, a design device with a picture frame function and interchangeable frame strips. All QLED series TVs with diagonals up to 65 inches can now be mounted using a wall bracket or on a stand with the appropriate swivel mount.


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When the display rotates on the rotatable wall bracket, the image content and smart TV’s selection menu rotates with it.

It is not enough just to turn on the screen, the picture content should rotate automatically as well as the picture menu of the smart TV. Samsung has provided both in its TVs: a push of a button is enough to rotate the display and image content.

At IFA 2022, Samsung is also advertising the ceremony in the context of NFTs: digital images of non-fungible tokens can be downloaded to Samsung TVs and displayed in portrait or landscape format if necessary.

As a novelty, Samsung is offering a 98-inch QLED LCD television with 98-inch diagonal and 4K resolution. Smart TV named GQ98QN100B comes with a one-connect box, all the connections and power supply is transferred from the TV to this box. Only a semi-transparent cable runs to the display, which supplies the television with the video signal and power.

According to Samsung, selective 5000 cd/m2 However, the bright smart TV with 6.4.4 sound is only for wealthy enthusiasts: it should cost from 30,000 to 40,000 euros and be available by the end of the year. Then the QN100 series should also include smaller and therefore more wallet-friendly models.


Samsung Neo Qled A55E7753A3704Cbb

2022 models of the Neo-QLED series available from Samsung with 4K and 8K resolutions

Samsung has tied up with Amazon for its 8K TVs. The streaming service recently launched the TV series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”; Samsung Neo-QLED 8K TV owners can enjoy series recording in 8K resolution with 7680 x 4320 pixels through TV Plus, Samsung’s own TV service.

Owners of a new Samsung 8K TV can also watch the new 8K version of the movie “Das Boot” with TV Plus for one year for free. Streaming Samsung’s own TV channels requires a stable data line with data rates of at least 20 Mbit/s. 4K TV owners can watch movies in 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) via Sky Q and in full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) via Sky Ticket or WOW.


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