San Lazaro supports classifying indirect violence as a crime

News from Congress - San Lazaro supports classifying indirect violence as a crime

As a step in the fight against gender violence, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously adopted with 452 votes the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free from Violence, with the aim of criminalizing violence, the Federal Civil Code and the Federal Penal Code. Supported reform. Through an intermediary, also called indirect violence.

The opinion indicates that violence through an intermediary is defined as any act or omission aimed at harming or causing harm to women, against daughters and/or sons, family members or close ones. Is directed, whether you have it or not. Marriage or cohabitation relationship.

It is specified that indirect violence will be manifested through threats of harming daughters and sons; keeping minors out of their homes; Use children to obtain information about mother; As well as promoting or encouraging acts of psychological violence that disqualify the maternal figure.

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Speaking on the matter, Deputy Juliet Cristal Vence Valencia (Morena), President of the Commission for Gender Equality, explained that this decision is the result of the hard work of hundreds of brave women who dared to raise their voices with this cause. To demand justice for those women whose daughters and sons have been taken away from them.

“I tell you that the Chamber of Deputies has heard you; Today we make this fight our fight because it hurts and pains us that women have to go through this kind of violence,” she said.

Meanwhile, Representative Teresa Rosaura Ochoa Mejía (MC) said that the project makes visible the indirect violence in these systems, while also ensuring the rights of women and the best interests of minors, as this type of violence “is not just a The reference is not to “harm the woman, but also her family.”

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For PVEM, representative María del Rocío Corona Nakamura said counterproductive violence must be made visible, as it uses daughters and sons as a means to harm women, with the sole purpose of causing pain, suffering and despair. Is. He explained that the spirit of reform is to create an environment where peace and tranquility prevail.

Similarly, representative Aleida Álvaez Ruiz (Morena) said that the project contributes to avoiding acts of re-victimization, as well as guaranteeing respect for women’s rights and the best interests of children so that women who leave violent relationships can decide that they can achieve complete freedom and security. Their lives and their children.

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It should be noted that the ruling prohibits the practice of this type of violence by establishing more severe penalties for this crime, increasing by up to a third in cases in which it is carried out through an intermediary.

The project, which was sent to the federal executive, also establishes that legislative powers, both at the federal and local levels, will classify the crimes of divorce, loss of parental rights and restrictions on visitation, as well as interpersonal violence. Barriers to care and custody of girls, boys and adolescent girls.