San Pablo wildfire report

San Pablo wildfire report

The National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) has maintained a red alert in the commune of San Pablo due to a large forest fire that has caused the destruction of properties and required a coordinated response from multiple emergency agencies.

So far, the fire has destroyed 2 homes, 2 sheds, 1 barbecue area, and a car bomb belonging to the San Pablo Fire Department. In response, firefighting teams from San Pablo, Osorno, Río Negro, Puranaque, Riachuelo, Corte Alto, Puerto Octa, Llanquihue and Puerto Montt, along with SAMU and ACHS ambulances and the Puerto Montt USAR team, are working tirelessly to control the fire. flames of fire

CONAF has deployed 3 ground brigades, 3 technicians, a command post and 2 helicopters, one of its own and one of SENAPRED, in collaboration with the Chilean Carabineros to fight the fire. In addition, a field command post has been established, with the presence of Provincial Presidential Representative Claudia Pilaf Montiel, the Mayor of San Pablo, the GRD Communal Director and the Senapred Chile Los Lagos team.

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The community is asked to stay informed through official channels and follow all safety recommendations issued by the authorities. Red Alert will remain in effect until fire conditions warrant it, with the primary purpose of protecting the life and property of residents affected by this emergency.

This wildfire underlines the importance of coordination between various emergency response agencies and the community to effectively deal with the challenges presented by these natural disasters.


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