Santos introduced bills named for Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj

FILE - Si Rep.  George Santos, RN.Y., speaks to reporters outside the Capitol, in Washington, May 17, 2023. The House Ethics panel said it found the

SAN FRANCISCO — Congress fired New York Congressman George Santos on Friday in a historic vote. Santos, who is only the sixth lawmaker to be expelled from the lower house, and the first in 20 years, was voted 311-114-2. More than a hundred Republicans joined nearly every Democratic member in voting for the controversial NY lawmaker.

During his scandal-ridden 328 days in Congress, Santos made headlines for being federally indicted, falsifying his resume, and allegedly spending campaign funds on Botox and OnlyFans. He also reportedly introduced dozens of bills and resolutions, two of which were apparently named for female pop stars.

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SWIFT Act of 2023

One, HR5288, also called the “Securing Women’s Independence For Today Act of 2023,” or the “SWIFT Act of 2023,” was introduced on August 25, 2023. The 12-page act calls for improved health education curriculum, a comprehensive education program to improve the health care system in relation to domestic violence and sexual assault, and funding for prevention and response to sexual violence, among other things.

MINAJ Act of 2023

Earlier in the year, Santos introduced HR2631, also referred to as the “Medical Information Nuanced Accountability Judgment Act of 2023,” or the “MINAJ act of 2023.” The shorter, four-page act calls for a “prohibition against vaccine mandates prior to marketing approval for at least 10 years.”

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None of the bills passed into law, nor did any of the other approximately 40 bills or resolutions introduced by Santos.