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Saratoga Girls Win Cross Country 30th Section II Class A Championship

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The Saratoga girls’ cross country team was chasing history on Friday.

Everyone else was following him.

Longtime co-coaches Linda and Art Kranick did some research this week and found that their program was on the verge of its 30th Division II Class A Team Championship. The Blue Streaks delivered in dominating fashion – taking the top six spots, led by senior Mackenzie Hart in 17:15.67.

The milestone — along with the reality that it was the final race on the Saratoga Spa State Park course for seniors — brought some tears to the team’s post-race huddle, which was quickly brushed off for media interviews.

“It’s amazing to me, from a program with such a good history,” Hart said. “We’ve always done a good job, and we look forward to continuing that.”

“We finally sat down and started counting,” said Linda Kranick. “Usually, we keep doing what you’ve got to do, and this time we’ve decided to make it count.”

“It means a lot to us,” said senior Ella Kurto. “Over the past six years, we’ve all worked hard to have a good race, and I think we all wanted to have a bang on our home course.”

He did so.

After Hart, five more Saratoga runners crossed the line before anyone from any other school could do the same.

The other four scoring runners for the Blue Streaks were junior Emily Bush (17:17.93), Kurto (17:24.12), sophomore Alicia Hart (17:28.40) and junior Sheridan Wheeler (17:33.95).

“I felt really good today,” Hart said. “I just wanted to do my best and set a PR, and I did that. I was hoping to keep my mindset positive throughout the race.”

“It’s all there,” Bush said of Number 30. “I get so close with my team seniors, and it’s hard to leave them. We’re such a tight group, and I just care about my teammates a lot and I’m proud that we went through such a tough time and Ended with a good time.”

It is now at next weekend’s state meeting, and another Section II team on the winning side in Chenango Valley are the Burns Hills–Bolston Lake boys, with 96 from 30 points for Queensbury in the Section II class. Rolled into B’s crown.

LaSalle’s senior Gitch Hayes ran without company for the entire race, falling short of his goal of breaking the course record of 14:35, but still the 14th boy to finish in 14:59.13 in less than 15 minutes. became.

Queensbury runner-up Jack Hicks was 28 seconds ahead with a time of 15:28.44, and Scotia-Glenville’s Tyler Green was third in 15:29.96, at which time a procession of Burnt Hills runners made their way down the final stretch.

Senior Peter Fulgieri (15:33.90) led that group, followed by Matthew Rounds (15:43.93), senior Nick Grok (15:46.61), Ryan Allison (15:49.61) and Matt Windeker (15:58.86). followed closely.

Fulgieri said the speed that initially measured more than the Spartans paid off last week’s suburban council championship meet.

“We definitely took it a little more conservatively, just to cover the next two miles and close it the last mile through the woods,” he said. “I mean, top five under 16 is phenomenal. That’s exactly what we were hoping for, and I absolutely planned to be up with those two other guys from Queensbury and Scotia. I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, but I Something was still going well.

“I worked on the other two and went through the first mile in 5:01, which was exactly what I wanted, nothing too fast, like under five. So I was happy with how I pulled it off. “

“That’s how we wanted to run,” said Burn Hills coach Chip Button. “We knew there were two other guys — well, in addition to Gitch, because Gitch is out now — and coming in, Peter was right there with the Queensbury kid and the Scotia kid. We knew they were from themselves and everyone. going to separate.

“We ran fine last week, but I think we got caught speeding, so we were trying to avoid it so they could come out of the woods, and it worked. Our second, third, fourth, Fifth was right in the same sequence. Nice to see that.”

Button was also delighted to see the Rajya Sabha being held in the Chenango Valley.

The Spartans have won the state championship on that course twice.

“Honestly, this is probably my favorite course,” Button said. “I’ve told these guys. We won there in 2004, and we won there in 2016, and they were both really special days. So for this group, and the way the state did, we did it four years later. Back there, I couldn’t be more excited about it.

“I’m much more confident,” Fulgieri said. “We were the favorites, anyway, but I definitely feel like we nailed it. And if we run like today, we will definitely be state champions by next weekend.”

He said that Hayes was on pace for the course record for about a mile and a half, but could not keep it up with no one around to push him.

He also fell short of his personal record of 14:51 at the Burne Hills Invitational. He’ll have to settle for another Section II championship and get some decent momentum in the state meet.

“You go out, and it’s like doing a tempo in a workout or something,” Hayes said. “It doesn’t even feel like a race at times. But it was fun. I got to chase an incredible record, I fell short, but I’m still happy with the result.

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“I’m very disappointed, but I’m not either, because I won, I’m going to the States and I have more opportunities this season.”

Mohan’s Miller wins

As a seventh-grader in 2019, Mohansen’s Rachel Miller missed out on a spot at the state meet by less than 10 seconds.

Finishing down on a straight Friday with no competition was good enough.

Miller left the Class B girls’ field in the dust, winning 18:06.52 away from the Burne Hills-Bolston Lake pair of Mia Paolino and Jamison Vendetti, nearly 30 seconds ahead of the Burne Hills runners in second and third.

“I felt really strong, especially once I put a gap between myself and the two Burne Hills girls,” Miller said. “It’s not that exciting [down the stretch] As for having someone to race, but it felt so much better. “

Burnt Hills on Friday won the title of the only school Class B team to win both the boys’ and girls’ championships. Voorheesville in Class C and Berlin/New Lebanon in Class D rounded out the girls’ team champions. Shendehowa (Class A), Fonda-Fultonville (Class C) and Mayfield (Class D) were the remaining boys’ team winners.

Ryan Bush of Saratoga Springs defeated Julian Franzie of Niscuna to win the boys’ Class A individual title, Bennett Melita of Fonda-Fultonville won Class C and Cameron Abdela of Mayfield won Class D. On the list of individual girls’ champions was Mary Sayahi of Voorheesville. Class C and Sofia Square of Hoosik Valley in Class D.

Volume II Cross Country Championships

At Saratoga Spa State Park (4.89k)



Team Scores: Shenandoahova 44, Niscauna 56, Saratoga Springs 73, Columbia 99, Guilderland 139, Bethlehem 157, Shaker 231, Bolston Spa 239, Schenectady 245, Colony 250, Albany 277, Amsterdam 370, Troy Inc.

Individual result: Bush (Sarah), 15:04.89; Franzieh (Nisk), 15:16.13; Davis (Colu), 15:35.68; Clay (Shane), 15:41.33; Brimhall (Shane), 15:45.60; Tallarico (Sarah), 15:46.00; Malatesta (Nisk), 15:46.28; Burke (Gill), 15:46.92; Thomas (Nisk), 16:01.87; Fox (Shane), 16:03.12.

class B

Team Scores: Burnt Hills-Bolston Lake 30, Queensbury 96, Christian Brothers Academy 125, Avril Park 126, Scotia-Glenville 140, Albany Academy 158, La Salle Institute 188, Glens Falls 205, Shalmont 236, South Glens Falls 286, Mohansen 297 , Lansingburgh 305, Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons 279.

Individual results: Hayes (LSI), 14:59.13; Hicks (QB), 15:28.44; Green (SG), 15:29.66; Fulgiri (BH-BL), 15:33.90; round (bh-bl), 15:43.93; Grok (bh-bl), 15:46.61; Allison (bh-bl), 15:49.61; Windekar (bh-bl), 15:58.86; Simeon (AA), 16:06.68; Jemet (Shawl), 16:07.29.

class c

Team Scores: Fonda-Fultonville 36, Schuylerville 86, Ichabod Crane 134, Voorheesville 146, Johnstown 154, Stillwater 155, Broadalbin-Perth 156, Greenville 173, Coxsackie-Athens 186, Cobbleskill-Richmondville 289, Cohos 290, Ravenna-Coy 301, Rensselaer 317, Granville/Whitehall 342, Mechanicville 353, Tamarack Inc., Taconic Hills Inc., Greenwich Inc., Hudson Inc., Catskill Inc.

Individual results: Melita (FF), 16:00.97; Sang (FF), 16:48.07; DataReader (FF), 17:01.10; Hayden (Shu), 16:03.28; Zazzaro (still), 17:03.95; Rousseau (TH), 17:06.18; Clinton (Tam), 17:06.48; Booth (FF), 17:07.44; Farbeniak (Shu), 17:08.24; Foote (CR), 17:17.76.

class d

Team Scores: Mayfield 42, Lake George 42, Chatham 106, Hosick Valley 132, Maple Hill 138, North Warren/Minerva/Jonesburg 154, Berlin/New Lebanon 197, Canajohari/Fort Plains 202, Bern-Knox-Westerlo 216, Duensburg 283 , Galway 295, Hartford 309, Hadley-Luzern 320, Hawthorne Valley 350, Warrensburg Inc., Corinth Inc., Shohari Inc., OESJ Inc., Loudonville Christian Inc.

Individual result: Abdela (May), 16:41.72; Hainer (chat), 16:47.96; Jordan (May), 16:50.25; Sheldon (Hoovel), 16:57.78; Olden (War), 17:00.91; Kalisz (b/nl), 17:22.01; To. Geralds (chat), 17:23.72; ti. Geralds (chat), 17:25.64; Leach (May), 17:35.21; ruberty (May), 17:37.74.



Team Scores: Saratoga Springs 15, Bethlehem 68, Shenandoahova 104, Shaker 105, Niscauna 130, Ballston Spa 163, Colony 176, Guilderland 234, Columbia 251, Albany 291, Amsterdam Inc., Schenectady Inc., Troy Inc.

Individual Results: M. Hart (Sarah), 17:15.67; Bush (Sarah), 17:17.93; Kurto (Sarah), 17:24.12; a. Hart (Sarah), 17:28.40; Wheeler (Sarah), 17:33.95; Bellisley (Sarah), 17:46.23; Davis (Beth), 17:59.71; Cuneo (Sarah), 18:16.51; Healy (BSPA), 18:19.96; Sestaro (Nisk), 18:24.87.

class B

Team Scores: Burn Hills-Bolston Lake 42, Scotia-Glenville 82, Mohsen 84, Queensbury 104, Avril Park 135, Glens Falls 152, South Glens Falls 154, Lansingburgh 169, Shalmont Inc., Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons Inc.

Individual result: Miller (Mohan), 18:06.52; Paolino (bh-bl), 18:34.07; Vengeance (bh-bl), 18:36.51; Powers (QB), 18:54.17; Barsallo (AP), 19:09.43; James (SG), 19:13.89; Vogel (bh-bl), 19:22.30; Habshi (QB), 19:24.53; McNulty (SGF), 19:39.73; Planus-Dov (Lance), 19:55.67

class c

Team Scores: Voorheesville 29, Broadalbin-Perth 80, Albany Academy 134, Schuylerville 137, Greenwich 151, Coxsackie-Athens 175, Ichabod Crane 176, Holy Names 203, Cobbleskill-Richmondville 234, Tamarack 250, Greenville 259, Fonda-Fultonville 273, Mechancville 307, Stillwater Inc., Ravenna-Koymans-Selkirk Inc., Cairo-Durham Inc., Johnstown Inc., Granville/Whitehall Inc., Hudson Inc.

Individual results: Sayahi (Voor), 18:31.98; Boller (AAG), 18:55.19; Viennese (Shu), 19:42.37; McCarthy (Voor), 19:48.48; White (Voor), 19:51.48; Frasier (BP), 20:16.73; Wright (Gwitch), 20:17.44; Murphy (BP), 20:17.77; Hansen (Still), 20:21.91; Iyakabuchi (Woor), 20:29.88.

class d

Team Scores: Berlin/New Lebanon 41, Hosick Valley 69, Maple Hill 94, Lake George 118, Shohri 124, Saratoga Central Catholic 133, Mayfield 140, Argyll 141, Canajohari/Fort Plains Inc., Hartford Inc., Hadley-Luzern Inc. . ., Corinth Inc., Chatham Inc., Burne-Knox-Westerlo Inc., North Warren/Minevera/Johnsburg Inc., La Salle Institute Inc., Warrensburg Inc.

Individual result: squared (HV), 19:19.44; Meisinger (b/nl), 19:23.18; Schaefer (c/fp), 19:27.42; Kazab (HV), 20:02.59; Rose (Scho), 20:03.66; Cronin (SCC), 20:04.30; Freegaard (Arg), 20:53.53; Corbett (b/nl), 21:07.22; Giamara (b/nl), 21:07.47.

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