Saudi Arabia offers music classes in schools: all you need to know

Saudi Arabia offers music classes in schools: all you need to know

Saudi Arabia will support 100 public and international schools in the Kingdom in establishing promising extra-curricular programs in the field of music to promote culture and the arts in education.

The timeline of the Ministry of Culture initiative begins with submissions being received from interested schools between 26 May and 19 October, followed by a selection process between 4 July and 15 July, then announcing the schools that will open on 14 August. (for those applying) before 1 July and on 5 December (for those applying after 1 July).

The objective of the Ministry of Music Culture Program is to form a general and comprehensive idea of ​​the various artistic, theoretical and scientific aspects in the field of music, giving the recipient knowledge of the peculiarities of this art, its language and history, and its interpretation. rules and the theoretical foundation on which it is based.

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The program also addresses some of the musical instruments with their different styles, allowing students to differentiate between them and clarify their peculiarities.

“Deeping in this area gives us the importance of knowing the most prominent figures of Western and local music and their role in the development of this art and the immortality of certain works, patterns and molds of music, whether Arab or Western. , “According to the documents of the ministry of the programme.

One of the ministry’s educational initiatives is called “Reflections on Saudi and International Art”. It aims to promote an appreciation of the arts among students in middle school and high school.

Extra-curricular activities will include explaining and elucidating the various arts in Saudi Arabia and linking them to world-renowned arts.

The curriculum will be offered in Arabic and will be available to all schools, whether public, private or international.

“This program presents the most important works of art and architecture from around the world and highlights painting, sculpture and other art forms as masterpieces of art. This content helps to connect the masterpieces that Saudi Arabia is looking for. The scenery and artistic places in Arabia have passed through time,” according to the Ministry of Culture.

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