Saunders: Tony La Russa whines, the referee stands for the giants, and the cardinals play tough

Saunders: Tony La Russa whines, the referee stands for the giants, and the cardinals play tough

Three Thoughts on the Crazy Postseason:

Sportsmanship? White Sox manager Tony La Russa’s unchanging trail in the 2021 postseason will be his ridiculous and childish tirade after his team got their butt off the Astros on Tuesday in Game 4 of the American League Division.

La Russa was outraged that Jose Abreu was knocked down by Kendall Graveman’s serve at the end of the 10-1 defeat of Houston, which ended the season at Chicago.

“So far, I only care about sportsmanship. And I have a limit, ”La Russa told reporters. “They beat us. They played better. We’re disappointed. This was done on purpose. Do not understand why. I don’t understand how they got away with it. ”

“How did they get away with it?” Please.

While La Russa was adamant in his accusation, Astros manager Dusty Baker was equally adamant that the pitch had no intention.

“I’m asking you to disagree with Tony,” Baker said. “There was no reason for that – zero.”

So who do you believe: the offensive loser La Rousse or the first-class Baker?

Check swing? Game 5 of the NLDS on Thursday night was amazing as the Dodgers beat the Giants 2-1 to advance to the NLCS. But what a pity that it all ended with Wilmer Flores of San Francisco being sucked into a check that wasn’t there.

There is no doubt that Flores delayed the slider from Max Scherzer from the strike zone. But home-court referee Doug Eddings checked with first baseman Gabe Morales, who apparently ruled that Flores had swung.


Morales’ oversight is no match for Don Denkinger’s missed challenge in Game 6 of the 1985 World Series that could have cost the World Series Cardinals against Kansas City. However, it is difficult to see how Morales ignored this call.

Morales told a pool reporter, “Check swing is one of the most difficult challenges we face. I don’t have the ability to use multiple angles when I watch it live. When it happened live, I thought he was going, so I called it a swing. “

To his credit, Giants coach Gabe Kapler did not play in La Rousse after the game.

“I mean, immediate emotion is frustration, right?” Kapler said. “Super cool. Yes, I mean, obviously you don’t want the game to end like this. I know that these guys work very hard to make the right choice, so it’s very difficult from our side.

“(We have) a pretty good striker on the plate who can come back to that score, this is not a guarantee of success at the end of the game. But this is just a hard way to end it. “

The cardinal path. Overall, the Cardinals went 252-199 (0.559 win percent) under Mike Schildt, who replaced Mike Matheny in the second half of the 2018 season. The Cardinals made the playoffs in each of Schildt’s three full seasons, making their way to the NLCS in 2019.