“Save Cepeda, Save Cepeda”: the cry of the National Convention of democracy of the SNTE

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To cry at “Safe in Cepeda, out of Cepeda” Various approaches were heard from the leaders and representatives of the National Movement for Transformation (MNTS) during the Second National Democratic Convention, whose main goal is the democratization of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE).

After welcoming teacher Victoriano Reyes and led by its national coordinator Ricardo Aguilar, who recalled that MNTS has been fighting for more than five years.

There, they agreed that the work of education, labor and unions is the basis for planning the route to the construction of the second floor of the Fourth Amendment.

In front of Juan Carlos Beltrán, personal representative of Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, presidential candidate of the Together We Will Make History coalition, union leaders who spoke like María Elena Oliva, from Sinaloa; Galdino Diego, from Veracruz; Isaac Alvarado Alcocer, from Quintana Roo and José Rolando May May, from Yucatán, stated that they agreed to continue strengthening the political work done by the presidential candidate and stated that there is no political change without critical thinking.

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“There is no political change without union change.” they emphasized.

Before the closing ceremony of the Convention, led by teacher Dominga Escobar Luis, other leaders of the teaching movement emphasized the urgency for SNTE to become pivot of the democratic transformation the country is experiencing.

“May the teacher play a leading role in the country.” but also, without a compelling union that affirms the rights and demands of the teaching profession, it does not have a paper corresponding to it, they point out.

In the same way, they stated that it is urgent for SNTE to become a union that vindicates the role of the teacher and the revaluation of education workers, which they warn has been lost in recent years.

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In that sense, they promote the inclusion and plurality of the union movement, which is based on a series of proposals that give meaning to what should be done. which will be the second floor of labor, union and educational matters in 4T.

They stated that in the education sector they are facing almost the same problems and demands that have not been voiced by SNTE, which they described as an expired union that must be renewed in February 2024.

During the event, Juan Carlos Beltrán, representative of Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, reported that as a sign of the leadership and motivation that MNTS has, its national coordinator will be part of the National Council of Education, a body where the bases of a new continuity educational project.

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