SBB swings fans into overcrowded train after ESAF final

After the final course, the SBB makes a barely occupied train connection via Listel for ESAF visitors. There lies anarchy.


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  • Over 400,000 Schwing fans visit the Confederation in Prateln.
  • After the final round on Sunday, everyone wants to go home as soon as possible.
  • SBB causes ESAF trouble with wrong information.

In front of 50,900 spectators at the Schwing Arena in Pratelen BL, Joel Vicki (25) won the title of King. Srenberger defeated Sümmiswalder Mathias Eichbacher (30) on the final course. Central Switzerland is happy.

For Bernese fans in particular, there is no reason to stay longer at the world’s largest temporary stadium. It is also Sunday evening and many visitors want to go home.

Because water is not only drunk at the Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival, most of them arrive by public transport.

So fans open the SBB app while leaving the arena and see how to go home. So reader Oliver K. * does.

«SBB App showed me that trains are running at full capacity in Prateln. It was definitely expected,” he says. He looks around for an alternative.

And there it is! According to the app, you can easily reach Olten or Bern via Listl. Even a seat seems to be guaranteed, with the occupancy rate given as “low”.

“So I turned around and got on the bus to Listel. When we got there, the picture presented was completely different from the one in the app, chaos reigned,” says Oliver K.*.

sbb: no update in app

The train arriving from Basel is coming – and it’s already packed. “Not everyone could move on, some came to the list without anything. It was like being in a box of sardines, we stood there for an hour until we got to Bern.”

According to SBB, the problem never existed. If you look at the route information from yesterday evening, you can see that the usage should have been less.

When asked by, the SBB did not comment on the misinformation in the app: “Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided that in major incidents trains may be cramped and passengers have to stand. Especially when a lot of people want to come and go at the same time.

Overall, the response has been positive.

Were you also in the Swiss Confederation?

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