Scam in Mallorca | False tourist poisonings on trial

 Scam in Mallorca |  False tourist poisonings on trial

The three private accusations representing the entities affected by scam with false poisoning in Majorcan hotels They accused the eight defendants of fraud and criminal organization. They all asked for prison sentences of between six and a half and eight years in prison for the accused and placed Laura Cameron, the British woman who founded a company to attract tourists and pass their claims to the United Kingdom, above the organization..

Between 2014 and 2017, these false claims amounted to million euros in hotel chains and establishments on the Island. As described in the private prosecutions, a hierarchical structure was created to exploit British legislation in favor of consumers. The Elite Project Manager company is at the center of the scheme and manages the movement of a type of ticket rack, especially in Calvià and Alcùdia. They approached British tourists with the slogan ‘free holiday’. One of the qualifications shows that they are promised up to 40,000 euros free of charge. The only proof that tourists need is to buy some anti-diarrhea medicine. Along with them, a series of websites and law firms in the United Kingdom forwarded the claims.

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The person responsible for one of these companies, whose name is unmistakable, UK Holliday Claims, is also indicted, although he remains in the United Kingdom and his presence at the trial is uncertain.
The three private accusations are Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, represented by lawyer Jaime Campaner, and the companies Hoteles Mac, whose lawyer is Carolina Ruiz and AMLA Explotaciones, represented by Raimundo Zaforteza. They agreed to the crimes they were accused of. They added up the amount of damages they had suffered, which each claimed.

Mac maintains that he was forced to pay more than a million euros after receiving more than 800 claims of this kind. AMLA is asking for 220,000 euros as civil liability and maintains that they are asking for 5.5 million euros in various claims. The Federation, for its part, points to that The total damage exceeded 1.2 million euros. The main tour operators pass on to the hotel companies in Mallorca the payments of the claims they receive without the possibility of discussion.

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