Scandal: Lucas Paquet, Brazilian soccer player, is under investigation for violations of sports betting in the Premier League

Scandal: Lucas Paquet, Brazilian soccer player, is under investigation for violations of sports betting in the Premier League

The West Ham United midfielder is under investigation for alleged breaches of rules prohibiting sports betting in the Premier League. The incident prompted Manchester City not to sign Paquet.

Lucas package renowned Brazilian midfielder and West Ham United star in the premier league He is involved in a sports scandal. His club were informed about the opening of an investigation against the footballer because he would be involved sports betting.

Sign Daily Mail, la Football Association (FA) envy them corresponding notification to the club, in which it was pointed out that Paquet was under investigation for the next few days for breaching sports betting regulations, an issue that is causing major concern across all sports, at least in England.

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Thwarts a possible transfer to Manchester City

The Brazilian attacking midfielder is the talk of the town in England vs a interest of Manchester City to use their services. Fabrizio Romano announced the Civic Association’s interest in Lucas Paquet a few days ago, given Kevin De Bruyne’s absence through injury until the end of the year.

But before this controversy arose, the The youngest Champions League champions will have withdrawn from the talks by the Brazilian to avoid future controversy. The Offer del City would have risen to 70 million euros.

Background in the league

In the final stages of the last Premier League, the FA announced the sanction against the Brentford striker. Ivan Toney, for participating in sports betting. The punishment consisted of eight months ban and fined £50,000 payable to the association.

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He third peak scorer of the competition in said campaign –after 20 goals– I signed up 262 violations of the regulation of sports betting between February 2017 and January 2021. These penalties came at the best moment of England’s ‘9’ career, the In September of this year he will be able to train with the team again. if only four months of sanction remain.

Brazilian soccer and its betting problems

Although Lucas Paquet has not played in the Brazilian league – also known as Brasileirao – for a long time The nationality where most soccer players are implicated in these incidents is Brazilian.

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According to a portal report sports radarSpecialists in investigating bets in professional sports of 775 complaints in 2022, 130 belong to categories of Brazilian football.

In this regard, the government of the country has developed that “Operacin Pena Maxima II”, investigating the Brazilian football departments to find evidence of the crime. So far in 2023 Six footballers were found involved in betting and could even face charges that could land them in jail.

The accused are Pedrinho, Eduardo Bauermann, Ricardo, Bryan Garca, Vitor Mndes, and Nino Paraba. All Brazilian Serie A players.

Although the fault of Lucas package in the case of sports betting The premier league and FA have been investigating at the wheel for 25 years.


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