Schumacher claims Hamilton will be number 1 at Ferrari

Schumacher claims Hamilton will be number 1 at Ferrari

Ferrari have signed galactic As Lewis Hamilton And that’s going to mean clear game benefits, but it’s also going to complicate things. charles leclerc, Good relations remain with Monegasque carlos saenz And this has resulted in a good atmosphere within the team. maranello, But everything changes with the arrival of the seven-time champion. And this is a truism.

It is clear that the Italian team will have the best pair of drivers on the grid in 2025, but it is also true that there is a possibility that Ferrari’s ecosystem will become unworkable. ego battle,

(Imaginable) brown for Ferrari

He has expressed his views on this delicate issue Ralf Schumacher, ,When Hamilton is at Ferrari he will try to become the team’s number 1, but I think he has to fight for it because Leclerc has been there for a long time. Ferrari has managed this way with the No. 1 before and it was not well received by everyone. Most importantly, what do pilots want? Lewis needs a stable car, while Charles can drive a shaky car and it remains to be seen who will come out on top.“, explains the brother of the seven-time world champion sky germany,

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They will turn to Russell

He then highlighted another topic that will be much discussed in the season that starts in a month in Bahrain: “2024 will be a very difficult year for Ferrari and Mercedes. On the one hand, you have a driver who is considered Fighting for the world championship, so you have to share everything with him. But only up to a certain point in the season, because of the development of the car. At Mercedes, without a doubt, they will focus more on supporting George Russell,

I think Hamilton has lost a bit of confidence in Mercedes

Ralf Schumacher

At the end, Schumacher justified Hamilton’s decision, “At first this seemed surprising to us, but it actually makes some sense. Lewis wants to win at all costs and I think in the last two years he has lost a bit of trust in the team and the Mercedes structure., Those two years were really tough,” Ralph emphasizes.

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