Schwarzenegger’s four pioneering tips on how to gain muscle and lose fat

Schwarzenegger's four pioneering tips on how to gain muscle and lose fat

Arnold eloise schwarzenegger  The full name of such a famous actor, businessman, former governor of California and former professional bodybuilder is undoubtedly called pioneer in the art of Take care of body and diet,

in the mid-1980s, when neither science nor medicine knew about the aspects that are considered important today build muscle and burn fat They already put into practice techniques that were studied many years later.

Anyway, the truth is that the man, who will soon turn 76 later this month (July 30), was ahead of his time in terms of these techniques and strategies.

What were the basis of Schwarzenegger’s fitness?

1- Work multiple muscle groups with lots of weight

Schwarzenegger knew it from the start to build bigger muscles, Heavy lifting was necessary. The best way to make sure you’re maximizing the load in the gym, he found, is to focus on large, multi-joint “compound” movements that yield maximum mileage. multiple muscle groups at once as published by the site men’s Health,

“All the great bodybuilders I know started with basic moves and trained very heavy. Being strong feels great and gives you a psychological advantage, but heavy training It develops muscles to a degree that you cannot achieve with exclusively light and stimulating training, ”Schwarzenegger used to think when consulted in this regard.

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He knew this already, but every self-respecting trainer today knows starting their workouts with heavy compound lifts like squats and deadlifts is one of the most effective strategies for building muscle. Today scientific evidence agrees with this method.

Portion size matters

As a pioneer in the field, Schwarzenegger knew that the amount of ingredients he chose and his focus on macronutrients had a much greater impact on his fat loss than simply eliminating food. in fact, it was Early proponents of nutritional sustainability feel it stop eating what he loved was a fast track failure And it was not a decision that could be sustained.

And he used to share this secret of his success with his fans and admirers: whenever he had to reduce body fat, be it for a bodybuilding competition or for a film, he simply reduced their portion sizesKeep the type of food you are eating and just reduce the quantity.

Since then, science has done nothing but prove the correctness of his strategy, by assuring that a sustained “calorie deficit” is the only way to burn body fat.

“Fat loss depends entirely on lack of energy, regardless of the method of weight loss”, concluded an investigation on the matter in 2007, more than two decades after Arnold touted it as a method. In this sense, a study published last week also showed that calorie deficit is efficient Regardless of whether the method chosen is intermittent fasting or calorie counting.

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3- Look for the muscle “pump”

in the fitness world it’s called “muscle pump” The result of the entry of blood and lactic acid into the muscles as a result of training. ,The best feeling you can have at the gym Or the most gratifying feeling you can get in the gym is bomb – the former California governor used to say in his days as a movie icon -. Your muscles feel very stiff as if your skin is about to burst at any moment and it just explodes and it feels different, it feels fantastic.

And while this strategy has attracted many detractors over the years, research has shown that reducing weight, increasing reps, and chasing the pump — especially after lifting heavy — can have some very beneficial effects on the body. Can put muscle development.

“Progressive resistance training in the low to moderate repetition range has earned its place in the training programs of bodybuilders and other athletes looking to maximize hypertrophy, for good reason. Heavy loads maximize muscle activation, and progressive overload ensures that the muscle receives more mechanical stress over time. Therefore, increasing strength in heavy multi-joint movements should be the foundation of long-term hypertrophy training,” concluded one scientific study.

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4- Develop mind/muscle connection

This was one of Schwarzenegger’s strengths, and one he often emphasized to his students: to do your best focus on the muscle that was working Staying fully present with each repetition and focusing on the contracting muscle.

“To get the right pump, your mind has to guide your body Thinking about each part of the movement, each contraction, each squeeze”, is still his leading advice on the matter today.

Even on this point, time and study proved him right: today it is known this kind of awareness It does a lot more than just keep people from getting distracted at the gym.

Lots of current data shows that focusing on the muscles being worked will not only help you get more reps, but may actually help activate the working muscles even more. According to one study in this regard, “Resistance-trained individuals can increase the activity of the triceps brachii or pectoralis major muscles during the bench press.” focus on specific muscle use,

This activation is critical to achieving optimal muscle growth, and Schwarzenegger knew this before anyone else.


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