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Science-backed tricks to improve memory as we age

As we age, it is common for us to experience a certain decline in various aspects of our cognitive function including memory. Fortunately, and except in cases in which this decline is a symptom of some degenerative process (such as Alzheimer’s or dementia more commonly), there are many modifiable factors that affect this aspect of how our skin ages. Adopting certain habits can help slow down this decline to some extent.

As we say, these exercises can help maintain long-term cognitive function in healthy people, but it is important to emphasize that they do not work wonders in people with neurodegenerative disorders. So if memory loss becomes particularly persistent or severe, occurs alongside other symptoms, or begins severely affect daily life The most appropriate thing to do is to always visit a neurologist to study the case and determine the underlying cause and appropriate treatment.

eat healthy

Food provides us with two basic things: on the one hand, the raw material to build our tissues and, on the other hand, the energy for the body to function properly. Of course, also extends to the human brain.

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The scientific evidence we have on this issue is solid and abundant. For example, a review published in the scientific media Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Already in 2020 p. The observed effects ofDiet patterns such as the Mediterranean diet or the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) Diet on Cognitive Function.

exercise regularly

physical exercise is essential For the good condition of the whole body, and especially on the nervous system, this results in benefits such as improved blood flow to the brain.

It is not necessary that this exercise be especially intense or higher level. There is a lot of research, as pointed out by a meta-analysis published in reputable media. Frontiers in PsychologyIt appears that moderate exercise, if practiced regularly, has a clear protective effect against cognitive decline and is a predictor of better functioning in daily life.

Fatigue Is A Common Symptom Of Multiple Sclerosis That Manifests Itself In Other Serious Diseases.

sleep well

sleep deprivation It has become common in our society for various reasons, despite the fact that its harmful effects on many aspects of human health are well documented.

Review of literature published in a specialized journal sleep medicine clinicexplains, for example, that strong links have been found between sleep deprivation and declines in abilities such as attention, memory or processing speed, with long-term sleep deprivation predicting a greater risk of suffering. Neurodegenerative disorders.

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train the brain

Although it is not entirely clear how this happens, it seems likely that doing some mental exercise, which mainly involves activities with a certain cognitively demanding (for example, music, theater or creative writing) result in a higher quality of life in older adults, as reported by the US National Institute on Aging.

It Is A Change In The Ability To Remember, Think Or Make Decisions.  Alzheimer'S Is The Most Common Form Of Dementia.

In fact, in this sense, the acquisition of new skills has a positive effect on aspects such as memory formation or brain processing speed.

limit stress

In the system we live in, many people struggle for most of their lives. chronic stress. Unfortunately, this has many consequences: On a purely biological level, stress involves uncontrolled secretion of the inflammatory hormone cortisol, which makes inflammation chronic.

In fact, a review published in the special medium Journal of Neuroscience Nursing found that the high level inflammatory biomarkers They have been consistently associated with problems with functions such as memory, processing speed, and global cognitive function in general.

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