Science points to “Zumba”: How it affects your weight and mental health, according to researchers

Zumba is not only one of the most fun classes in the gym, but also one of the most recommended and effective classes. Scientists from the University of Granada (UGR) demonstrated that a five-week exercise program, based on the “Zumba Fitness” discipline, improves the quality of life in inactive workers, especially the emotional aspect, and that Most of these improvements are maintained even after 2 months of discontinuing the routine.

This research, published in the Journal of Health Education, Assessed the effect on participants’ quality of life in the short and medium term. Quality of life is a broad concept that includes many aspects: social, emotional, physical condition, physical pain, physical function, vitality, mental health and general health.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Zumba
Scientifically Proven Benefits of Zumba Photo: larazon

over 400 calories

But are not alone. Countless studies have shown the benefits of this sport. In other research conducted by the University of Wisconsin evaluating the effects of an average Zumba session, it was found that in approximately one class 39 minutes long, burns up to 400 calories and that frequency heart rate can increase up to 79% of the maximum, which indicates that it is an activity medium to high intensity,


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