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Scientist Says: Equation

the equation (noun, “eek-wae-shun”)

An equation is a statement in mathematics that says that two things are equal. All equations have an equal sign (=). An . is called expression, (Variables are unknown values ​​usually written as letters).

The difference between an expression and an equation is like the difference between a phrase and a sentence. A phrase containing a single idea is incomplete in itself. A sentence makes a complete statement. Similarly, an expression expresses the same idea—such as “one plus two” (1+2) or “x minus y” ​​(xy). An equation represents a complete sentence, such that one plus two equals three (1+2=3). Or, x minus y equals z (x–y=z).

sources There are special types of equations. They express a significant relationship between two or more variables. For example, the formula A=πr2 Shows how the area of ​​a circle (A) is related to its radius (r). (The area is equal to the constant pi (π) times the radius squared.) Formulas are used to express many laws in geometry and the laws of physics. An example is F = mA. That is, force (F) is equal to mass (m) times acceleration (a).

Equations in mathematics are not just “complete sentences”. inequality Expressions are also combined to form complete thoughts. Inequality states that one expression is greater or smaller than another. For example, “x is greater than y” (x > y) or “y is smaller than z” (y

in a sentence

The Drake equation relates the number of advanced alien civilizations that could exist in our galaxy such as the number of stars with planets and the number of planets that could host life.

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