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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Scientists claim dinosaur skeleton to be the largest creature on earth

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Experts have found the remains of a giant dinosaur in Argentina. It is believed that it may be one of the largest creatures on earth. Paleontologists (Paleontologists) Discovered fossil remains of the 98 million year old Titanosaurus in the province of Nuquen in northwest Patagonia, Argentina. 24 long long bones have been found in this fossil (Fossil), which is said to be part of the huge tail. Along with this, some remains of bones of the hip and chest have also been found.

Researchers have found in the study that this fossil may be of Titanosaurus. Titanosaurus belong to the group Sauropoda whose members are called sauropods, which were identified by their large size, long neck, tail and four legs. Experts in the research published in the Cretaceous Research Journal say that the animal is believed to be one of the largest saroprodes ever, which may be larger than the Patagotitans in size. The Patagotitan species was found 95–100 million years ago. Their length was up to 37.2 meters (122 feet).

Examination of humerus or femur shows weight

Paleontologist Alejandro Otero via email with Argentina’s Museo de la Pelta told CNN that this is a huge dinosaur but we expect more skeletons to be found in the future so that we can find out how big it actually was . Titanosaur fossils have been found on all continents except Antarctica but the largest ‘multi-ton’ varieties of the species, including more than 40 tons of titanosaurs, have been found mostly in Patagonia.

Experts say that without examining the humerus or femur of the dinosaurs, it is not possible to say how much the weight of the organism was. However, the dinosaur whose remains have been found can be considered one of the largest Titanosaurus. Researchers said that they do not consider the creature to belong to a new species. Research is currently being conducted by the Universities of Argentina’s Zapala Museum, the Museo de la Plata, the Museo Agidio Ferruglio and the Rio Negro and Zaragoza.

How dinosaurs disappeared from Earth

It is said that about 60 million years ago an asteroid hit our earth. The energy generated by this collision was 10 billion times more than the Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. A ball of fire had spread hundreds of miles away after the asteroid collided. This collision had caused catastrophic waves of tsunamis in the sea, which created havoc in half the world. Earth’s atmosphere witnessed terrible changes. Due to which many animals were destroyed. Due to this catastrophe, many species of giant dinosaurs were destroyed.


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