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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Scientists have discovered new technology, will be able to forecast the monsoon in India

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London: Scientists have developed a new system through which early forecasts of expected changes in the monsoon climate in India can be made available to farmers. This system can help farmers in reducing crop losses. These scientists also include scientists of Indian origin. Scientists say a system has been developed to estimate the timing of the Indian monsoon.

Researchers at the European Medium Term Weather Forecast Center (ECMWF) in the UK used their long-term global weather forecasting system to predict when the monsoon season will begin, and how much rain will fall. In a study published in the journal ‘Climate Dynamics’, he mentioned that the system provided accurate forecasts for monsoon time in major agricultural areas of India a month ago.

Scientists believe that providing this information to farmers can help them prepare for unexpectedly heavy rains or drought conditions. Both these factors destroy crops in India. According to researchers, the monsoon season in India receives 80 per cent of the annual rainfall and even a slight change in the timing of its arrival can have a far-reaching effect on agriculture.

Amulya Chevuturi, co-author of the University of Reading in the UK, said: “It is challenging to accurately predict changes from year to year, but for many families there can be a difference between prosperity or poverty. He said in a statement,

“The forecast we have made in India’s major agricultural sectors provides a clear opportunity for positive change in people’s lives.” The monsoon season in India starts around June one every year, before it spreads across the subcontinent it starts in southwest India.

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