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Scientists have discovered the secret to stay fresh and energetic every day.

    how many times have you thought you got enough sleep and Are you tired and out of place? It doesn’t just happen to you. People have established all kinds of morning routines such as rituals, morning walks, cups of coffee, skin care routines, or hitting the off button to try to face the day, although there are more effective strategies. In fact, Scientists Say They Found The Secret To Staying Alert And Waking Up Every Morning,

    a new study of University of California (Published in the United States of America nature communication how does it look Combine physical activity and food before bed Affects how we feel in the morning.

    In a long-term study of 833 twins and other genetically unrelated adults, researchers demonstrated how effective it is for someone to stay awake hours after falling asleep. It is associated with, not genetics Four independent factors: quality/amount of sleep the night before, physical activity the day before, a high-carbohydrate breakfast, and low blood sugar after breakfast,

    researchers explain In a press release from the University of Berkeley The secret to being vigilant is a three-pronged approach that requires a Exercise the day before the “meaty” day, sleep longer, and eat a breakfast high in complex carbohydrates.Though with limited sugar level. Researchers have also discovered that aHealthy sugar level after breakfast is important To wake up more effectively.

    Beyond sleep, alertness was the second leading predictor of daily change for mornings. intensity of physical activity last day In particular, the researchers found when individual activity is comparatively large Most people feel alert the next morning after a day before.

    The final factor is not the day before or even overnight, but in the morning. Specifically, the researchers found that a composition of the foods the participants ate for breakfast explained their level of alertness. Compared to an example breakfast used in the study that contained moderate amounts of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, when Individuals who ate a high-carbohydrate breakfast experienced higher levels of alertness., opposite of this, high protein breakfast resulted in lower levels Vigilance after sleep compared to the first example.

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    Beyond the effects of the high-carbohydrate meal, one of the most important results revealed in the study was a significant reduction in alertness on days when participants consumed a lot of sugar, which they demonstrated by including higher liquid glucose levels at breakfast. . it may sound contradictory High doses of glucose indicate decreased alertness and that a high-carb breakfast is associated with increased alertness, but regardless of general high-carb dietary content, there are key nutritional differences between foods that determine subsequent variation.

    “all[the factors in the study]have a unique and independent effect”, explains Raphael Valette, lead author of the study. “If you sleep longer or later, you’ll see how your alertness increases. If you do more physical activity the day before, you’ll see an increase. You can see improvements with each of these factors,” he says. it is said.

    How do sleep, exercise, and breakfast affect alertness throughout the day?

    This fascinating new study suggests that there is no single factor that makes you more of a morning person, Dr. Mark Milstein, A brain specialist. “It’s not something based so strictly on genes, because the study involved twins,” he argues.

    When it comes to sleep, the brain needs to rest and reset in order to function the next day, he explains. Amit Sachdev, in neurology at Michigan State University. ,Disrupted or insufficient sleep does not allow for optimal performance during the day“, Remember.

    When it comes to exercise, hormones such as adrenaline are increased which keep us alert and moving, explains John White, Consultant at WebMD. as well, Stress is well managed with exercise“And stress is a good distraction for alertness,” says Dr. Sachdev.

    And while many of us may skip our first meal of the day, breakfast is the most important meal to help keep you awake. What we eat affects our alertness, especially sweet foods, White notes. “When we eat a breakfast high in sugar our blood sugar rises and then falls, making us less alertSimilarly, Sachdev says balanced nutrition is essential and that “a strong body helps a strong mind.”

    How can sleeping later help with alertness?

    Simply put, it has to do with the body’s internal clock, the circadian cycle. “Sleep is related to our circadian rhythm, our body clock. It is regulated by two hormones (melatonin and cortisol). Sleeping more and later allows these two hormones to be in balance,” explains Dr. Whyte . cortisol naturally rises in the morning, so you can wait until you have a good level of wakefulness and alertness. why Melatonin drops when there is too much lightSomething that happens during the morning.

    Melatonin secretion dictates sleep patterns, explains Dr. Sachdev. “The secretion usually increases at night, which encourages us to sleep,” he says. Understanding and trusting this rhythm is ideal for customizing alert states.,


    Now that we know the secrets to seizing the day, it’s time to put these key factors into action every day. ,The basics are good health care: diet, sleep, stress reduction, and exercise.”Dr. Sachdev commented.

    In the end, it comes down to four basic habits, as your daily behaviors affect your sleep. “If you want to wake up refreshed, you have the power to make it happen,” says Dr. encourages White.

    We do know that Dr. Sachdev meditates every day about learning how the brain works most efficiently. “We need a better understanding of how to get the best execution with these strategies,” he says.

    According to Dr. Whyte, the results of the study make a lot of sense. ,Now that we have all those sleep level meters, I’d like to see a bigger study To continue gaining more knowledge with thousands of others”, he wishes.

    Additionally, Milstein reminds us that sleep is one of the most powerful actions you can take to improve your brain health and reduce your risk of dementia. “The factors in this study are not only important in how you should feel in the morning, but also play a role role in protecting your brain in the long term“, ends.

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