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Scrap car and salvage car: what’s the difference?

When cars are completely totaled, they’re either completely beyond repair or may still be able to be fixed. These two examples are known as scrap and salvage cars respectively and a good service like JunkCarsUs is able to deal with both. All this is just basic knowledge and there’s still quite a bit more to it.

Let’s take a closer look at both types of vehicles. This includes their differences as well as how a junk car service has to handle both types of issues if you decide to sell to them. Without any further hesitation let’s dive into the topic!

Describing both categories

Scrap cars and salvage cars differ based on their condition and state according to JunkCarsUs. As it stands, the world is firmly on its way towards 2 billion vehicles in circulation and whether it’s from road accidents or gradual wearing, they will all fall under either category. But let’s take a look at both types of cars to see how you can best differentiate them:

Scrap vehicles

A vehicle that’s put in this category is such that it’s so badly damaged that fixing them is too much of a hassle and their parts are too destroyed to be used. At this point, the only thing that can come out of it is scrap metal and a few other recyclables. All this occurs after the car is taken to an ATF or Authorized Treatment Facility where it is legally processed after which it’s turned into something else.

Salvage vehicles

Cars that fall in this category also suffer significant damage or have some inherent fault that isn’t so grievous that it makes the car worth only scraps. There is a scale created by one’s insurance company that allows them to gauge the state of their apparent salvage vehicle and it is as follows:

  • Category A describes vehicles that are essentially sent entirely to the scrapyard
  • Category B describes vehicles that may have some repairable parts but still needs to be sent to the scrapyard
  • Category C describes vehicles that are repairable, but may not be worth the costs
  • Category D describes vehicles whose repair costs are below that of the car in question
  • Category N describes vehicles that are repairable after damage of a non-structural nature
  • Category S describes vehicles that are repairable after the damage of a structural nature

With vehicles in this category, everything is pretty much salvageable as long as it is in good enough condition. This includes things such as the following:

  • Seats and engines
  • Gearboxes and mats
  • Various mechanical pieces

How to go about selling both

As different as these types of vehicles are, if you decide to sell, the process of going about it is quite similar. The said process will be as follows:

Getting everything in order

Both categories require a seller to provide everything that can validate the sale. Foremost among these requirements is the title, which proves that you own the car and are selling it legally. In the same vein collect everything else such as any records.

This is followed by taking care of the car itself, whose state has to be verified, so take note of every detail. It’s preferable if you take pictures of it as even more proof. From this, the dealer buying your vehicle will know for sure which category to put it in and, therefore, figure out what to pay you.

Find the right buyer

Do some research to find the perfect buyer by sending information to as many as necessary. For purely scrap vehicles, there are ATFs, although the dealer to seek after is one that can take cars in any condition, for example, JunkCarsUs. If they are numerous, find the one that offers the most money for your vehicle, while also being very helpful.

Proceed with the sale

When you have settled on a buyer, you can iron out the details with them while also allowing them to inspect the vehicle, after which you’ll be given a quote. If you agree with it, you and the buyer can set up a date for them to pick up the car, which happens to be the day you get your money. Always include the towing fee in the early negotiation process so there’s no confusion.

Conclude the process

The process ends with you visiting the local DMV and surrendering your license plate and other necessary documents. In doing so, you’re no longer the owner of the vehicle.

Which is preferable?

Every scrap or salvage dealer is looking for a way to make the most money out of what they purchase from you. As far as the two categories are concerned, one is more preferable on the part of the service provider like JunkCarsUs and that is the salvage car. The typical way the dealers operate is summarized by saying that the better the car’s condition, the more can be made on it.

The previous owner of the vehicle also stands to benefit from this model as their vehicle will fetch more money if they salvage it. This is why you should always seek out a junk car service provider that offers quality service.

You should also take your time to distinguish whether or not the vehicle is indeed salvageable, otherwise, the price in your head will take a hit after an inspection. That said, as the Global Scrap Metal Recycling Market is expected to reach approximately $83.77 million by 2028, with an increased growth compared to its value in 2021, the question of which is preferable is quite objective. If your vehicle is in either category, just make sure the price is fair.

Final thoughts

Knowing the difference between the two types of vehicles is important as it allows you to properly price them. This requires you to provide proper information, figure out the value of your vehicle in its condition and find the right junk car service provider. The process becomes much more streamlined if this discernment is made.

It’s also important to ensure that the buyer is licensed and reputable if they are a salvage yard or scrap yard. This has to be a priority during the research phase. If found, said dealers are often fair and professional, which is essential for a smooth sale of the vehicle.

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