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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Sea robbers kidnapped Turkish ship abducted, killed a sailor, made hostage on 15

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The terror of pirates is once again seen on the West African coast. This time, pirates attacked a cargo vessel in Turkey and killed a sailor. At the same time, 15 other people aboard the ship were kidnapped. The officials have given information about it on Sunday. The Turkish Marine Directorate reported that the crew members of the vessel named M / V Mozart had initially locked themselves in a safe place but the robbers reached there after about six hours, during the conflict. One member of the crew died.

Turkish media has identified the deceased crew member as Farman Ismayilov, a resident of Azerbaijan and an engineer by profession, who was the only non-Turkish member on the ship. According to Turkish governmental dialogue agency Anadolu, the vessel, along with three sailors, has been abandoned in the Gulf of Guinea after hijacking most of the crew aboard the ship on Saturday. According to the agency, the vessel is currently heading towards Gentile, the port of Gabon.

Ship was going to Cape Town, abducted on the way

The Turkish President’s Office tweeted, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken twice to the senior officer on the ship. The office also informed that the President has also issued an order for the safe return of the hijacked crew members. Significantly, a Liberian flagged vessel named Mozart was going from Lagos, Nigeria to Cape Town in South Africa and was hijacked 185 km northwest of the island country Sao Tome and Principe on Saturday morning. According to reports, the pirates have disabled most of the ship’s system leaving only the navigation system so that crew members can reach the port.

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