Searching for a job in the United States? This is how you can apply for a temporary work visa step by step

According to the woman's story, a passenger on a flight from New York to New Delhi came up and urinated on her.

Working in the United States is one of the purposes that thousands of people do every year, with Latin America being one of the regions with the highest migrant flow. To reach this prospect, the authorities have several options which, if not followed scrupulously, can block any future aspiration.

According to the Migration Data Portal, the majority of foreigners seeking to reach the North, 43.2%, come from Latin America and the Caribbean, which equates to approximately 25.4 million people. This is followed by the Asian continent with 29.9% and the average figure for total migrants in Europe is 6.87 million.

According To The Woman'S Story, A Passenger On A Flight From New York To New Delhi Came Up And Urinated On Her.

Latin America is the region from where most migrants leave for America. Photo: Getty Images / (c) by Cristóbal Alvarado Minic

One of the main barriers to working in the United States is the lack of proper documentation, especially now that the authorities are increasing their controls. For example, Florida and Texas have expanded their policy to prevent irregular commuting to include tracking work activity, at which point employers can (at first) lose their permit to work.

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How to process work visa?


Application procedures for extension of stay depend on nonimmigrant status. , Photo: Getty Images

The most well-known fallback to the H-2A classification and H-2B for agricultural workers occurs when the scope of performance is different. Normally, from the country of destination, the prospective employer must, in principle, request a sponsor and the duration of stay in either type of permit cannot exceed three years.

1. Submit an Application for Temporary Labor Certification to the US Department of Labor.

2. Once the Department of Labor has delivered the last document, it will be necessary to give the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Form I-129.

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United States/Immigration/Visa

One of the conditions for this type of visa is to demonstrate that there are not enough specialist workers in certain trades in the US. , Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

3. When applicants are not in that country (at the time of processing) to work on US soil, they must present an H-2A or H-2B visa petition (depending on the application) at an embassy or consulate. origin country.

4. Next, you must request entry into the destination area at the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office at the port of entry.

For temporary agricultural jobs or those classified in any other category, the US government makes certain details. For example, the proposed vacancy must be stable, the petitioner must demonstrate that there are not enough qualified workers to carry out the activities, and that the option of bringing in foreign workers will not affect citizens economically.

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Visa for specific workers

In order to get the business done without complications, it is necessary to practice in fields like engineering, technology, medicine and other similar categories. There are subcategories such as the H-1B2 aimed at researchers on development projects for the United States Department of Defense.

There is also the H-1B3, the Haute Couture model. As the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services elaborates on its website, “To be eligible for this visa classification, you must be a model of specific merit and competence.”


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