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Seated twists, the simple isometric exercise to define the abdominal muscles and strengthen the core

Seated twists They are a variation of Russian turns that involve standing with your feet on the ground instead of in the air. This movement primarily trains the obliques, which are responsible for dynamic rotation of the upper body, and the abdominal muscles and hip flexors isometrically (statically).

Compared to regular Russian twists, seated twists are easier to perform and typically place a little less strain on your abdominal muscles. In simpler terms, seated twists can be an exercise

Very good and cheaper to train the oblique abdominal muscles without neglecting the core muscles.

How to do seated twists

Something soft as a surface can make performing this exercise more comfortable. Next, sit down and place your feet on the floor.

With bent knees. Keeping your spine straight, lean your upper body back until it forms an angle of about 45 degrees to the floor.

Slowly turn the top to the side as far as is comfortable. Without exerting any force, turn your upper body to the other side. This is an exercise that requires

Naturalness. Continue alternating with a specific number of reps depending on your ability and goal.

The most important points to pay attention to in order to perform twists well while sitting are to keep the spine straight and not to twist the upper body too much. In addition, you must also

Turn head along with the upper body for the comfort of your cervical spine. You can help yourself by pointing your hands forward and looking at them.

Benefits of seated twists

Sitting rotations primarily train the oblique muscles, which are responsible for rotating the upper body. At the same time, you will also train your abdominal and hip flexors isometrically, also known as

Static. This difference is relevant because isometric exercises tend to be slightly less effective at building and strengthening muscles.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that seated twists place slightly less strain on your core and hip flexors than Russian twists. Whether that’s bad or not depends on you

Training goals and the rest of your training program. In return, seated twists are cheaper than Russian twists

Also remember that you may need to do something

Weighted twists while sitting to sufficiently challenge your muscles if you already have an advanced fitness level. Equipment options you can use for this include a dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag, and similar options.

You will achieve a lot with this exercise

Stronger muscles. By challenging your core muscles with seated twists, you’ll grow and strengthen them. By the way, strengthening the core muscles with this work can help prevent back pain. However, if you already have this problem, you probably need to resort to other exercises.

Seated twists can be so challenging in terms of balance and coordination that they will develop your skills in these areas. This is particularly helpful for everyday tasks as well as for assistance

Improve your performance in various sports disciplines.

If for some reason seated twists aren’t the exercise you’re looking for, you’ve got them too

Other alternatives to train similar muscle groups. In addition to the usual Russian twists, you can practice Pallof presses, lying leg raise twists, bicycle crunches, or side bends.

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