Second Lieutenant of FACH selected among the participants of Miss Universe Chile 2024

Second Lieutenant of FACH selected among the participants of Miss Universe Chile 2024 - Publimetro Chile

Within the diverse casting of national candidates for Miss Universe Chile 2024, a special candidate appeared in the south of the country, Air Force Combat Pilot (FACH), Michelle Martín, a 24-year-old young woman who will represent the city. puerto mont.

Second Lieutenant Martín, daughter of a Chilean father and a Venezuelan mother, assured that this important step in her career is something she had dreamed of “since she was little” and that with her military vocation she It has achieved more. Which was completed these days.

A flight to Miss Universe

“Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of participating in this big competition. I grew up watching it with my family and I was always amazed at how the world stopped to listen to each participant’s message,” says Michelle, who attended the event with her family until she was 16. Lived in the Caribbean nation, which is one of the countries. A world where these types of beauty pageants are already part of their uniqueness.

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“Venezuelan culture deeply values ​​these competitions, they are part of our traditions. It is a source of pride and an opportunity for family unity,” explains the second lieutenant, who hopes in Miss Chile “I will be able to share my story and hopefully inspire other girls and women to fight for what they desire.” To inspire, it is in myself “A dream come true for me.”

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“The opportunity to share my experience in the Chilean Air Force inspired me and how it provided me with the basic tools to face challenges,” says Martín, who soon became famous thanks to the support he received from the Military Institute. Don’t hesitate. As soon as she came to know about her candidacy for the beauty pageant.

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“When I expressed my interest in participating in Miss Chile, I received immediate support, which reflects the institution’s commitment to our development and well-being,” says Michelle. Even in Chile and Venezuela, by my comrades in the Air Force.

“This support reflects the spirit of unity and cooperation that characterizes us as a great airline family, where we celebrate individual achievements as collective successes,” says the young woman, who in any case makes it clear that That his first love is in “aviation”. ,

“This is my passion. The experience of flying airplanes in the Air Force has allowed me to face unique challenges. Thanks to them, I have been able to grow professionally without compromising my femininity. This environment has helped me hone my skills. and capabilities, and it has also provided me with unique opportunities for learning and growth. “This is what I love doing most,” he concluded.

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