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In a world why science and technology has become an important aspect of life, electronic gadgets like the PC can be said to have become an inseparable companion of most if not all individuals in the 21st century. As it helps them in their day-to-day activities from using at their workplace, to booking reservations for date nights, to streaming news and movies from the comfort of their homes, and making online payments and purchases. Examples of PC include desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. Even though PC is personal computers and in respect to this are meant to be secure, most times they are open to third-party interference without due authorization from the actual owners. Most of this third-party interference comes in the form of hacking.

 Hacking is the act of compromising a digital device and network through unauthorized access to a computer system. Hacking is most times commonly associated with illegal activities and data theft by cybercriminals. So it is very pertinent to protect your PC from hackers.  Now someone might ask if it’s actually necessary to protect one’s PC from hackers and also keep it safe and secure? The answer is yes if you’re asking such questions, and here are a few reasons why you should keep your computers safe and secure and also protect them from hackers.

  • A simple data breach or interference has the ability to damage your company’s reputation, and in extreme cases drive it out of business. So by providing effective safety and security measures to your PC, you will secure your business’s technology platform thereby protecting your digital security and customers at large.
  •  Computer security is important because it keeps your information and data protected. It’s also important for your computer’s general performance, proper computer security helps prevent viruses and malware, which allows programs to run quicker and smoother.
  • Presently cybercrime has become a recurring decimal. People are being defrauded of their money and other financial assets online. Some have been rendered useless and sent to a state of coma because of the activities of online hackers and other third-party infringement. So as a computer owner, it’s pertinent you protect your computers be it desktops, laptops, or smartphones, from these mishaps.
  • Another reason why we should keep our computers safe and secure is whether we use them for work-related activities or personal use. Is because we all keep personal data and sensitive information on our computers. This information is very confidential to us, and in most cases, we don’t want them to be assessed by other people.

Now that we have discussed why we should secure our PC, let’s dive into how we can actually secure our PC from hackers with these easy steps.


Firewalls helps in preventing unsolicited access to your data Base and sensitive information. It also informs you of any actually attempt to do so. Always ensure that firewall is enabled and active before going online. You can purchase hardware firewalls from companies such as Cisco, and Sophos. 

Along with a firewall, you can install a reliable VPN for better protection and security. While you are connecting to the internet with a VPN, it transforms into a VPN tunnel – connection between you and the internet.  In such a way it not only encrypts the data packets your device sends, but also masks your IP, replacing it with a different one.


Virus can be dangerous to your computers because it not only slows it down, it also deletes sensitive and important files from your computers. Antivirus software plays a major role in safeguarding your computer by detecting and notifying you of real-time threats, to ensure that your data and other vital information stored on your computer is safe. Also, antiviral programs like Avast prevent unauthorized and solicited software that can threaten or even damage your operating system.


These are those software programs designed to detect unwanted spyware programs and remove those programs if installed. ANTI-SPYWARE packages provide real-time protection by scanning all incoming information and blocking threats.


The best way to protect your PC and prevent unauthorized intrusion is by using secure passwords. It is always difficult for a hacker to invade your system if you use a secure password. Use a password that has at least 8 or more characters, and a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and computer symbols.


Always ignore messages, emails, and links from unverifiable sources, and beware not to open attachments that accompany them.


Having a backup plan is very vital, especially with the increasing cases of security breaches by hackers and other criminal-minded elements. You can back up the necessary information on your computer, in case if unfortunately your PC gets hacked. You can always back up essential data and sensitive information on your computer to your google account and email account. There is also the option of cloud storage. Also, you can get an external hard drive, and store all your sensitive information and data on them. By so doing you have saved yourself the stress and headache of losing all vital and sensitive data, in an event of an unauthorized third-party infringement.


Unless you are operating a complex internet-based company. It is advisable you always shut down your computer in between long intervals, or during the night when you are not actually making use of it. Shutting down your computer when you are not working, ensures that your computer is no longer visible to hackers. What this means is that it can not be hacked, even if a hacker has gained unsolicited access to your computer. Shutting down your computer cut’s the hacker off automatically.

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