See the next popular election dates in Chile here

Calendario de elecciones 2024: revisa aquí las próximas fechas de elección popular en Chile

The last elections were held in the country constitutional referendum At the end of 2023, where the option “against” He won with 55.76% of the votes. To this end, elections will continue in 2024, some with voluntary voting, while others compulsory vote,

the first of them will be next 9th june, These are primaries to select candidates for governors, regional councilors, mayors and councilors. in this stage, Political parties present their candidates This is how it was defined who would compete for positions October elections,

Later, 27 October, General elections will be held which will include mayor, councillors, governor and regional councillors. However, in the event that no gubernatorial candidate gets a majority, a vote will be held. Final second round on 24th November In which the two candidates getting the most votes will face each other to define the winner.

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2024 election calendar

This year’s popular election calendar includes the following dates:

  • He 9 June will be carried out primary For mayors, councillors, governors and regional councillors.
  • He 27 October will be carried out General election Which will include Mayor, Councilor, Governor and Regional Councilor.
  • Depending on the situation, 24 November will be carried out second phase Especially for the election of regional governors.

It is noteworthy that according to take 21.524, Voting is mandatory for the general election. In the case of the June primary, it is voluntary.

These elections, being local in nature, Only people who have electoral domicile in Chile can vote. So that voting cannot take place from abroad.

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In this regard, the time limit for those who want to change their electoral address is still June 8th And the list of table members will be published 22 days before general elections (October 5), via the pages of Serval,

Election calendar 2025

it’s next year’s turn presidential election From chamber of Deputies And this management committee,

Primaries will also be like this 29 June While general elections are scheduled 16 November,

Eventually, there will be a second round of presidential elections 14th December,