Seeker of Skyveil is a new extraction RPG with the soul of a MOBA – Sign up for its Alpha

Seeker of Skyveil is a new extraction RPG with the soul of a MOBA - Sign up for its Alpha - MMORPG Zone.

This week, Elodie Games introduced us to their first game, Seekers of Skyveil, an extraction RPG set in a living fantasy world! You can now sign up to participate in Seekers of Skyveil’s closed alpha testing and help develop it.

We started Elodie Games to create immersive experiences that are more fun when played with friends, and that take place in a vibrant, modern fantasy world. We’ve been refining what that looks like since we started our pre-alpha playtesting in Spring 2023, and now we’re excited to reveal what we’ve got planned.

Seekers of the Skyveil is a new PvPvE fantasy extraction RPG inspired by games like Escape from Tarkov, Diablo, and League of Legends. Form teams of three and use your courage and cunning to fight, steal and live to tell the tale.

You will venture into a beautiful but deadly world as the Seekers, a collection of adventurers with unique origins and abilities. Search for epic loot and priceless treasures and earn legendary rewards as you face off against magical creatures, powerful bosses, and enemy Seekers who seek to stop you and your friends. .

There are six playable Seekers to start the closed alpha, with more to come. Each Seeker offers a unique play style and powerful abilities; Below, we present four of them:

In Seekers of Skyveil, bigger bets bring bigger rewards. Challenge yourself, challenge your team, and dominate your Seeker. Every choice – from which route to take, when to enter combat, and what equipment to bring – has consequences. Learn from every experience and you can come out alive.

Alfa Cerrada Seekers in Skyveil

The first closed alpha playtest will take place on Thursday, October 20, with regular testing throughout the year.

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On its official website you can register to participate in the tests.