Senate candidate John Fetterman reveals he was ‘almost dead’ of stroke

John FettermanThe Democratic Senate candidate in Pennsylvania revealed Friday that he “almost died” the trauma he suffered A few days before the May 17 primary election.

Fetterman, who currently serves as lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, broke the news as part of a lengthy statement designed to reassure the public that his recovery was progressing rapidly and others. warned against ignoring warning signs about their health.

He learned in 2017 that he had atrial fibrillation, a chronic heart condition, after seeking medical attention for swelling in his legs. But according to the candidate, Fetterman failed to “follow up” with doctors about his condition. Notably, Fetterman admitted that he had stopped taking blood thinners his doctor had prescribed.

“Like so many others, and especially so many men, I avoided going to the doctor even though I knew I wasn’t feeling well,” he said. “As a result, I almost died. I want to encourage others not to make such a mistake.”

Fetterman, who stands at 6 feet, 8 inches, has lost a lot of weight in recent years. He mistakenly believed that weight loss and exercise would be “enough” to replace proper medical care, he said in the statement.

“Of course it wasn’t,” he said.

Fetterman also joined a letter from his cardiologist, Ramesh Chandra, testifying that Fetterman is fit to continue running for Senate.

“If he takes his medicines, eats healthy and exercises, he will be fine,” Chandra wrote on Thursday after a follow-up exam. “If he does what I told him, and I believe he is taking his recovery and his health very seriously this time, he should be able to campaign and serve in the US Senate without any problems.” should.”

According to Chandra, in addition to atrial fibrillation, Fetterman has cardiomyopathy, which was the first time Fetterman was treated when he sought attention to his swollen feet in 2017. Cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the heart has difficulty pumping blood to the rest of the body. So doctors decided to perform Fetterman’s surgery to install a pacemaker device.

Fetterman suffered a stroke on 13 May and had pacemaker surgery on 17 May.

Stroke and surgery kept him off the campaign trail in the final days of the primary race.

Fetterman Still trouble Rape. Conor Lamb, his major Democratic opponent. His wife Gisele Barreto Fetterman stood for Senate nominee at his victory party outside Pittsburgh on May 17.

Fetterman, Joe left the hospital He is due to face cardiac surgeon and former TV host Mehmet Oz in the general election on May 22. Oz’s major Republican rival, hedge fund founder Dave McCormick, accepted the GOP nomination for Oz on Friday, at the end of a recount showing Oz’s major holdings.

Fetterman did not specify when he plans to return to the campaign trail.

“It’s frustrating — even more so because it’s my own fault — but bear with me, I need a little more time. I’m not back at 100% yet, but I’m getting closer every day.”


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