Sergi Roberto handles 3 scenarios regarding his future

Sergi Roberto handles 3 scenarios regarding his future

He barca haven’t ruled out yet sergi roberto For the next season. Although its main proponents, xavi hernandez, Positioning itself in favor of its continuation, the club has not told it anything at the moment, neither is there a possibility of renewal nor is it included in the plans for the next project. Meanwhile, the player considers all possible scenarios.

1. The club hasn’t told them anything and renewal hasn’t been refused

Xavi asked Deco to continue. The proposal was received with some coolness, but Barça sources explained to the MD that due to the economic situation it was advisable not to part with the players at the moment. Some important sale yes, but not of a player who is expiring his contract, low-paid, captain, with influence in the locker room and who can help in some moments as a catalyst. There are people at the club who still give him options.

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2. His departure for an MLS team in the United States

If the club eventually tells him it is not part of the project, Sergi Roberto will be tempted by the idea of ​​playing in the United States. Your representation agency has been processing this possibility for some time, considering the possibility that a contract extension will not be presented. There are no predefined options and you still have time to study the different offers that have already reached you.

3. Survey of European clubs with priority for the premiership

His agents have already received interest from a few teams from various European clubs, some of them from the Premier League, although no valuation has been recorded. The young player would like to play in the Premier League and he already has options. we talked last summer arsenal d arteta And in 2020, Manchester City Seemed to establish itself. Pep Guardiola said he likes sergi roberto A Semedo, Serie A is also calling him.

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sergi roberto which sealed its continuity Jordi Cruyff and Matteo Alemany In the club’s sporting management, he would lose his main supporter with Xavi, even more so when the Barça coach also valued his hierarchy, but his opinion could be fundamental.


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