Sergio Massa’s analogy to identify presidential candidates | “Three kinds of doctors”

 Sergio Massa's analogy to identify presidential candidates |

The Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria (UxP), Sergio Massa, assured this Monday, during an inauguration ceremony of PAMI hospitals, that the ruling coalition knows “how to save” the country and asked Argentines and Argentines to support him at the polls in the next election in October.

“When it comes to choosing a president it’s like going to a doctor, you have to choose someone who knows what to do in the operating room; Argentina is like a sick person who is cured and we’re going to save him and we’re going to leave the hospital; give me a chance because we know what the scalpel will do,” said Massa.

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“We know what to do with the scalpel, no trimming, no chainsaw, more health for all Argentines,” added the presidential candidate at a joint inauguration ceremony at PAMI hospitals in Escobar, Hurlingham , Ituzaingó and Lanús, where the governor participated. Buenos Aires Axel Kicillof, the head of PAMI, Luana Volnovich, mayors and candidates for community leaders.

At the inauguration of the new health centers, the minister emphasized the management of Volnovich, who recovered the surplus from PAMI accounts and completed the inauguration of 8 of the provider’s own hospitals during his administration.

He also thanked and appreciated Kicillof for his “desire” regarding investment for health and retirees and questioned the shortcomings of the previous Cambiemos administration – now Together for Change – in the district.

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Three people entered the operating room…

In this framework, he warned of the challenge that the Argentines have on October 22, invoking again the metaphor of the hospital.

“Imagine there are three people going into the operating room to treat a grandfather,” Massa told voters.

“One is a woman who suggested cutting the emergency system to save money, turning off the hospital lights to save money and laying off some staff to save money and thus made the decision to treat her.” The most likely thing “is that this patient will die,” analyzed Massa, referring to the JxC presidential candidate, Patricia Bullrich.

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Then someone comes, the minister continued to mention the presidential candidate of La Liberad Avanza, Javier Milei, “who did not come in with a scalpel, but with a chainsaw.”

And finally, another person entered that scenario with a scalpel who, unlike the previous ones, knew “what to do” with it: “no cutting, no chainsaw, but more health for all Argentines, ” the candidate concluded about the proposal. Unión por la Patria to guarantee the rights of Argentines.


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