Serious accident at Mendoza Cycling: a journalist records the race she ran and is hospitalized with a reserve prognosis

Serious accident at Mendoza Cycling: a journalist records the race she ran and is hospitalized with a reserve prognosis

A serious accident occurred at the end of a track cycling race in Mendoza this Sunday. A journalist who was filming the contest was hit face to face by a contestant and remained hospitalized protected forecast in a city hospital.

communicator Mariella Arce (33) was penetrated by bianca tempestini While I was recording the race, shortly after I got to the finish line. first victim hit on the head, This is serious. The athlete was affected by some fractures, due to which she was hospitalized at the Central Hospital in the city of Mendoza.

Arce is the mother of cyclist Ismail Vazquez, she lives in San Luis and traveled to Mendoza with her son to join races and work for a media outlet in her province.

In this Monday’s medical part, issued on the instructions of the Central Hospital, it was told that the journalist has suffered serious injuries. “An intracranial pickup captor was placed, he is intubated and has a reserve prognosis”Report specified.

A serious accident occurred during the fourth date of the Mendocino Criterion and Track Championship 2022, which took place at the Ciudad de San Martín racetrack, 50 km from Mendoza City.

The video recorded by Ars itself of the moment of the accident is shocking. “Come Here Girls”, she is heard telling the journalist that she cannot do anything to avoid hitting him, before being dragged by the cyclist. The surprising thing is that in light of the photographs, he never managed to escape from the platoon.

The date of the Mendocino de Criterium y Pista on the Jorge ngel Pea circuit, under the organization of the Cruz de Piedra Club and in tribute to Aldo Federico Minelli, began at 3:00 pm.

The program included competitions for the elite, sub 23, juniors, women and youth categories and was suspended after the accident.

The Mendoza Cycling Association gave more information via Twitter: “During the afternoon of this Sunday, August 7, cyclist Bianca Tempestini and photographer Mariella Arce from San Luis were involved in a hard fall at the end of the youth race at the Jorge ngel Pea race track”,

He explained to the association that the two injured were transferred by ambulance to Perupetto Hospital in San Martín to pursue further studies as they suffered from a collision.

And he closed the statement with a wish for a speedy recovery: “On behalf of the Mendoza Cycling Association and along with the entire cycling family, we pray for them and hope for a speedy recovery for Bianca and Mariela.”

Cyclist accidents in competition and risks to spectators in the main urban circuits are common. Last week, the second stage of the Vuelta de Burgos in Spain, more than 500 meters from the finish line, caused a major scare for competitors and the public as a result of more than one accident.

The fall of one of the cyclists produced a domino effect in which the other participants ended up on the ground and the other against a retaining fence. Fortunately, the injuries were minor and he was able to continue the stage at the 158-kilometer distance between Vivar del Cid and Villadigo, which was won by Dutch Timo Roussen.

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