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Set the Dates of the 2023 Eclipses of the Sun and Moon!

There will be four eclipses in this 2023, two of the Moon and two of the Sun.

it is There will be four eclipses in 2023, two of the moon and two of the sun, Remember that lunar eclipse, for several hours and can be seen from virtually anywhere on EarthYou only need to verify your weather forecast first, that it is night and the moon is above the horizon with a cloudless sky.

Besides, Solar eclipses are visible to a relatively small part of the Earth and for a short period of time., To see it safely it is necessary that we protect our eyes and never look directly at the Sun.

Hybrid Eclipse
Hybrid solar eclipses happen only a few times each century.

eclipse occurs when The Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned in such a way that the light from our star is blocked by one of the two celestial bodies It can be partial or complete.

Solar eclipse of 20 April 2023

The first eclipse of the year 2023 is coming on 20 April and it will be very special because it is a hybrid solar eclipse., This type of astronomical event occurs only a few times each century, the last one occurring in April 2005.

The types of solar eclipse are classified as complete: the moon completely blocks the solar disk, Cancel, The lunar disk only blocks the center of the solar disk and leaves the name ring of Fire around, and partial, the Moon blocks only a portion of the solar disk, but there is also Hybrid solar eclipse.

Solar And Lunar Eclipse 2023
Path of the shadow of the April 20, 2023 solar eclipse. credit:

Hybrid solar eclipse brings together features of all eclipses, with a little bit Persistent Earth-Moon-Sun alignment, It first manages to be annular, then it is a total eclipse for a very short period of time, and finally it is annular again.

This phenomenon occurs because the Moon is at its threshold point for its penumbral shadow to reach Earth, which due to its curved shape allows its natural satellite to completely block incoming sunlight for a moment. is, then returns to the annular phase. Assumption.

Eclipse Astronomy
A hybrid eclipse first becomes annular, then briefly becomes a total eclipse, and finally becomes annular again.

areas that At least a partial eclipse will be visible this April 20: Part of Southeast Asia, Oceania, a part of Antarctica, Indian and Pacific oceans, known as eclipse of ningaloo passes through the path of totality north west cape (Northwestern Cape), a cape and large peninsula on the northwest coast of Australia.

people who are located On this remote peninsula of Western Australia, they will have a privileged position, Unfortunately it will not be visible from Mexico and any other point in the US.

Lunar eclipse of 5-6 May 2023

it is expected to be an eclipse penumbral day lunaThis means that our natural satellite crosses only the outer part of the Earth’s shadow, which is quite diffuse, so only Slight darkening of the lunar disk will be seen Seen from Earth

The lunar eclipse will be visible in the shaded areas on the map. credit:

Second eclipse of the year and first lunar eclipse of 2023 It will be visible from: Africa, Oceania, Antarctica, most of Europe and part of Asia, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Unfortunately, this eclipse will also not be visible from any other point on the American continent.

The ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ of October 14, 2023

it’s about a annular solar eclipse In this case the Moon is aligned between the Earth and the Sun in such a way that the lunar disk covers the exact center of the solar disk and leaves a thin layer ring of Fire around the moon.

The trajectory of the ‘Great American Solar Eclipse’ of October 14, 2023. credit:

this impressive natural spectacle can only be seen through the narrow passage Like all solar eclipses, in this case the extinction path will cross the US from Oregon to Texas, then cross Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, also by parts of Central America, Colombia and Brazil, the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in South America. in the rest of the US it will be visible from from Alaska to central ArgentinaBut only in the form of a partial eclipse of the Sun.

Lunar Eclipse of October 28-29, 2023

it’s the last eclipse of the year, it’s a partial lunar eclipse, maybe Fully visible in Europe and most of Asia and Africa, it will be seen rising over the eastern tip of the Americas and setting over Australia.

Visibility map of the lunar eclipse of October 28-29, 2023. credit: NASA

We’ve managed to see a number of “blood moons” in recent years, a phenomenon that occurs when Earth stands between the Sun and our natural satellite, creating a shadow cone that covers the Moon in its full phase. When exposed to black, it becomes a reddish color to our eyes, hence the name. There is no such lunar spectacle in its plans for any point on the planet this 2023.

Moon And Sun
The last eclipse of the year is a partial lunar eclipse. To whom the credit is due.

For our local readers who are a little disappointed with what this 2023 has in store for us in terms of eclipses, remember that The rarity in 2019, 2020 and 2021 was that three total solar eclipses were viewable from Argentina In April 2022 it was also seen in extreme south.

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