Seth Rollins solidifies his alliance with Cody Rhodes on the way to WWE WrestleMania XL

Seth Rollins solidifies his alliance with Cody Rhodes on the way to WWE WrestleMania XL

During the last day of broadcast Monday night Raw Via USA Network, Superstar cody rhodes this seth rollins spoke to the public after his appearance wrestlemania xl Kickoff in Las Vegas.

Tonight’s episode watched in Lexington, Kentucky American Nightmare Appeared in public for the first time after the press conference From WrestleMania. “I think we can talk about how I would challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Championship. It took me a while to decide, but if I did it was because of you., They really made their voices heard on social media and shows and were heard. I wouldn’t want to get too emotional, because if I did, I’d turn into a crying baby (cry Baby,

“I don’t want you to confuse my words: I admire and respect The Rock, but if there’s one thing he doesn’t know how to do, it’s listen., He felt that I had insulted his ancestors and slapped me on the face. And I don’t care how dangerous Roman Reigns and The Rock could be together. “When someone hits me in the face I have to respond.” Seth Rollins arrived on the scene and Cody immediately thanked him For his work at the press conference.

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He said, “What else can I say? Except…you’re welcome.” visionary, “As much as I wanted to defend the title against you at WrestleMania, I understand why you chose Roman Reigns And you want its title. You have to finish your story, and you have to do it for yourself, for your father, and for all of us here. Because If you don’t finish the story at WrestleMania, the scenario ahead will get even darker And its barrier will be much more impenetrable. “You have to take the title away and give it back to the people.”

Rollins reminded Cody that he would have to deal with The Rock as a major obstacle that he could not remove last year. ,You don’t have to fight this battle alone, Seth offered his support to Cody Rhodes, saying, “I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but I heard you clearly when you said you wanted to take everything away from Roman Reigns and I It feels the same too.”

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“I’m tired of guys like Roman Reigns and The Rock taking a privilege that isn’t theirs and getting away with it. i admit it was my mistake, Twelve years ago I created the monster, and today he has two heads. I can help you defeat Roman Reigns. If you’re going to fight him, I’ll be your shield,


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